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Partner Travis S. Anderson sat down with Attorney at Law Magazine to share the story of his company, TBH Global Asset Management. In 2008, after spending a few years at a local bank, Anderson and David Merrell left to start their own investment venture. The name TBH comes fr om Aesop’s fable; it stands for Tortoise Beats Hare. According to Anderson, the company feeds off the wisdom of the story – slow and steady wins the race.

AALM: How has the company evolved since it opened its doors?

Anderson: We have added two partners, four employees, and created and staffed a sports and entertainment division. Our Franklin office houses three of the employees, and the rest are in Brentwood. While each of the partners has a different focus, we come together to create investment ideas, processes and procedures, and discuss potential hires.

AALM: Tell us about your decision to go out on your own. How are you trying to create a new company?

Anderson: The decision to go out on our own came from wanting to manage money for the client and create a close relationship that goes beyond just investments. As the firm has evolved we have become an integral part of helping execute on documents that attorneys draft, walk through estate and tax issues with the clients or trust beneficiaries. While we do some in-house research, we have access to Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank research portals to provide ideas on par with hedge funds, and the large investment banks, but with local service, and an understanding of local estate laws.

AALM: Tell us about the brand this company has created and the culture it strives to maintain?

Anderson: Our company has worked hard on instilling the idea that slow and steady returns outperform over the long haul. Integrity is something we pride ourselves on, and that it is earned and not preached. As Warren Buffett said when looking for a manager, “I look for three traits – Energy, Intelligence, and Integrity. Without the last one the other two can kill you.” TBH is building a reputation for working with clients on achieving out-of-the-box ideas and strategies, then helping execute those with a qualified team of attorneys, CPAs, etc.

AALM: How would you describe the team at TBH Global? How do you work together?

Anderson: TBH works well together on sharing ideas, practices and process. At the Franklin office, we each have a role, but chip in to make sure we are getting things done for the client in an accurate and efficient manner. It is our goal, as a team, to provide a resource rich website, personalized service and timely results. To do this we keep our client base low, but are looking to add more now as we continue to grow.

AALM: In your experience, what are some of the most common mistakes made by investors?

Anderson: Not disclosing all of their financial information. This often leads to poor results or potentially ruining a strategy that is already in place. Most investors also take too long to get wills, trusts, POAs and directives drafted, and the ones that do, forget to update them as circumstances change. And last, most investors tend to buy when things are good and sell when things are bad, this is completely counter to long-term successful investing.

AALM: How is the company involved in the community?

Anderson: As natives to the area, our Franklin office prides ourselves in the community involvement, be it helping at New Hope Academy, serving as a CASA board member, a JL Clay Senior Citizens board member, the local UT Alumni board, Franklin Tomorrow, or the Heritage Foundation, we stay busy and have a mindset to leave the community a better place than when we arrived.

AALM: What advice do you have for attorneys searching for a wealth management partner?

Anderson: Find a partner that takes his fiduciary role seriously, has experience in the estate world, and someone that listens. As my father always told me, “You have two ears and one mouth – use them proportionately.”

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