A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Production of ‘Wild Agreements’

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Attorney at Law Magazine sat down with Foster J. Sayers III, the creator of a parody YouTube video, “Wild Agreements” to discuss the inspiration behind the video and its production process. 

AALM: Tell us a little about you and your practice.

FS: I am general counsel and chief evangelist for Pramata Corporation, a contract management software company based in San Francisco. I am a remote employee. I live in Evergreen, Colorado with my wife and two sons. I’ve been practicing corporate law for 15 years and while I am a generalist I’ve had commercial contract drafting, review, and negotiation as a consistent focus in my practice. I joined Pramata almost 11 months ago after over five years as a super user of their contract management software while corporate counsel at Vertafore, a leading insurtech company based in Denver.

AALM: What inspired you to create the Wild Agreements video?

FS: In what may be a first, I can answer that contract management software, specifically Pramata’s, inspired it. Or maybe more correct to say that it was my muse. It was the team behind it that really inspired me to make it. I wanted to do something fun to show my colleagues how much I appreciated the technology they built. Not only did using it make my job easier and cut out time spent filing and organizing contracts, but leading the implementation of the project was a factor in being recognized as Business Partner of the Year, and Vertafore Way Champion for 2019 (kind of like employee of the year but given to multiple employees).

The recognition was wonderful of course, but what was special about it was that it included going on club trip for the top sales performers. So, my wife and I got a five day/four night trip to the Ritz-Carlton in Grand Cayman. It was the first time in six years, since we first had children, that we were away from them and on a trip alone. Both of our sons are on the autism spectrum. Being a parent is a 24/7 job and getting that first real break is something that I credit my contract repository from Pramata for.

When I sing about wanting a DB, a database for all my contracts, it’s a reflection of where I and many other attorneys start out when joining a company. Day one of the new in-house counsel job is the first day of an endless and continuous search for the business’ contracts. Extracting yourself from that, well, it’s the kind of feeling that music videos are now made of.

AALM: What made you choose Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams song?

FS: Taylor Swift is a mood and she was when I decided to learn her song Wildest Dreams on guitar. Since I had just learned the song and enjoyed playing it, the parody just sort of happened on its own. I grew up on Weird Al and studying for law school with the Flight of the Conchords on in the background so this was bound to happen.

AALM: Can you share any funny stories from the production of your music video?

FS: As a novice to music video production, I didn’t appreciate how many times you have to lip sync to your master track to produce your music video. Every shot, plus however many takes, in a six-hour period is almost enough to ruin you on a song. Almost.

AALM: Do you have any other videos in the works?

FS: I do. I am about to produce a Stranger Things parody called “Stranger Contracts.” Joyce, a stressed out general counsel, cannot find her Wills, I mean Contracts. A DEMOgorgon has caused her to be upside down on contracts. Only “L” the super intense LegalOps professional can find the Contracts. There’s more to it, but you shouldn’t have to wait too long for it as we plan to release it before the CLOC – CGI Conference that begins on May 15.

AALM: Anything else you’d like to share?

FS: I hope this article and my music video will remind my fellow members of the bar that we are more than the hours we bill, the escalations we manage, or problems we solve. So whatever new, interesting, or fun thing you’ve been waiting to try, please let this be your cue.

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