5 Simple Ways to Reduce and Manage Job and Workplace Stress

Business meeting getting out of control and causing job and workplace stress

Your emotions are contagious, so you should learn how to control and monitor them. Learning how to monitor the quality of your interactions with others can also positively affect their moods. You will be able to calmly speak to all the people around you when you manage your stressful moments better.

1. Stay Away From Conflict

Interpersonal conflict takes a toll on your physical and emotional health. Conflict among co-workers can be difficult to escape, so it’s a good idea to avoid conflict at work as much as you can. When possible, try to avoid people who don’t work well with others. If conflict finds you anyway, make sure you know how to handle it appropriately.

2. Be Clear On The Requirements

A factor known to contribute to job burnout is unclear requirements for employees. If you don’t know exactly what is expected of you, or if the requirements for your role keep changing with little notice, you might become extremely stressed.

3. Keep Perfectionism in Check

Do you know the phrase “Perfect is the enemy of great”? Being a high achiever might make you feel good about yourself and help you excel at work, but being a perfectionist can create problems for you (and those around you).

You might not be able to do everything perfectly, every time, especially in a busy, fast-paced job. A good strategy to avoid the perfectionism trap is always striving to do your best and making time to congratulate yourself on your efforts. You may find that your results are better and you’ll be much less stressed at work.

4. Forget Multitasking

When you switch from one task to another, you waste time getting up to speed with the new task. You lose momentum. But perhaps most importantly, you lose focus. While multitasking, you may find it more difficult to become deeply engaged in a particular task, knowing that you will not be on that task for long.

5. Revamp the habitat

A lot of stress comes from the environment. Think about every aspect of your office space and what it does (or doesn’t do) for the wellness of your team. Simple things like the quality of the coffee or the height of the cubicle walls can affect employee engagement.

However you choose to recognize, your employees will appreciate that you are aware of their success and want to share it with others. This makes them happier and more comfortable, in turn lowering stress levels.

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