For Whom the ‘Bells’ Toll


For years, I’ve provided Kettlebell instruction and training sessions for some small groups. I’ve trained with “bells” since 2008, and I first became certified to instruct in 2012. I find Kettlebell workouts an efficient and effective all-around way to increase strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.

We divided equipment up last March and have successfully convened video conferencing sessions ever since. Thus, the value of group training has become more obvious to me. Community keeps us committed and motivated. In fact, other experienced comrades have joined us. Yet here we are, still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Options to learn and train with others are quite limited. On whole, our society has become more sedentary as of late, as well as less focused on diet.

The following are some tips to get motivated to take control of your health:

No. 1: Start now.

Formulate a plan to build in a reasonable level of regular physical activity. Carve out regular timeslots. Be realistic and schedule around those timeslots, instead of vice versa. Over time, you
can add to the schedule, so don’t over commit
early on.

No. 2: Start simple.

If you’ve not been very active for some time, focus on simple body weight exercises and incorporate equipment you already have access to. Focus first on core strength and cardio endurance. You shouldn’t make impulsive or significant financial investments to get rolling. A jump rope and some planking will go a long way in readying for a more vigorous and strenuous activities. Soon enough, hopefully, group options will reconvene.

No. 3: Do your research.

If inevitably you desire something beyond independent workouts, start researching future training options that might fit with your needs, interests and schedule when things begin returning to normal. Factor in travel time, as it can be prohibitive. Will quality instruction and equipment be available to get started? As mentioned above, value can be found in becoming active in a community – inspiration, support, and newfound friends to associate with.

No. 4: The full package.

Incorporate necessary rest and dietary changes in conjunction with your new fitness routine. Rest and quality fuel will go a long way toward meeting the demands and recovery needs that quality workouts require.

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