How to Accumulate More Online Reviews for Your Law Firm

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In today’s digital world, online reviews are a big part of digital marketing. Many people will look up online reviews before buying a product or hiring a service provider. An online presence and positive reviews give clients confidence in your services. This is because people treat reviews as recommendations. Thus, if you don’t have online reviews for your law firm, you could be missing out on lots of potential business.

Have an Online Presence

Most people are not going to review your company if your name doesn’t appear anywhere on the internet. Therefore, start by establishing an online presence. If you don’t have a website, that’s a good place to get started. After that, get your business listed on sites where consumers normally leave business reviews. The two key ones are Google My Business and Yelp. Business listings make you more accessible to clients and potential clients. If you want an example of a firm to model yourself after, take a look at the Arash Law – California Injury Lawyers website. They are listed on both Google and Yelp and have an easy to use website that tells their customers everything they need to know. With the two listings, clients can easily leave their reviews and potential clients can make use of these reviews when evaluating the business. Consider the following when filling out your profiles:


Judge Dan Hinde

Google My Business: Ensure that you verify your business. Your business will not show up on search results until it is verified. Next, ensure that your basic info is up to date and correct. This includes your business name, website address, phone number, physical address and business hours.  Create complete profiles so that your clients can easily identify you. Finally, don’t forget images and use some keywords in your description to improve visibility.

Yelp: Just like Google My Business, you should ensure that your basic information on Yelp is correct. Some business photos can make your profile stand out and also easy to recognize. Other than the reviews, your business can benefit more from Yelp by making use of features such as Request a Quote.

Offer Exceptional Service

Having some online profiles is not enough to get you reviews. You have to do your job in such a way that your clients will be enticed to recommend you to others. This can be achieved by handling cases professionally, growing your expertise, treating clients with respect, timely responses and exceeding your clients’ expectations, among many others. When you are good at what you do, you will get both online reviews and offline recommendations. Even with great expertise, clients will not be satisfied with your services if you don’t have great customer service. Actually, an expert can get a negative review for lack of great customer service skills. Therefore, work on both elements. This is the best way to attract positive reviews naturally.



Respond to Your Reviews

When someone leaves a review, take time to thank them or address the concern they may have. Responding to reviews is a great way to show your clients appreciation for their efforts. Also, by responding, you can entice others to leave their reviews. If you have to delegate the task to someone, ensure that it is a person who knows your law firm well – preferably an internal employee. This is because the response is like a communication to your client. It has to be done with the right tone and using the right words. People who read the reviews will pay keen attention to your responses, especially for critical reviews. Thus, you have to ensure that it is done professionally.

Use Questionnaires and Surveys to Get Feedback

While this won’t get you online reviews, it can be helpful in identifying areas you need to improve to make your clients satisfied. And when your clients are satisfied, they will leave positive reviews. You can request clients to fill in a questionnaire after you have completed their case, or you could give them some time and send a survey through email. Once you have the feedback, use it to improve the services you offer to your clients.

With a good number of reviews, you will attract more clients to your law firm, and you will make more money. However, as you work on accumulating reviews for your business, there are three key mistakes you should avoid. One, don’t ignore the terms of use of a business listing site. If a site is against soliciting reviews, don’t do it. Business listing sites enforce such restrictions, not to hurt businesses, but to maintain the integrity of the reviews posted. Without guidelines and restrictions, people can misuse the sites and users can lose confidence in the reviews. Two, don’t pay people to post fake reviews. And finally, don’t ask your clients to write reviews from your computers and other devices in your office. If you need any feedback at the office, consider questionnaires and surveys.

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