How to Get Your Law Firm’s Website a Permanent Seat at the Top of Google

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If you would like your website to be permanently anchored at the top of Google, gobbling up all the new prospects who need to hire an attorney in your area, then this will be the most exciting article you’ll read on the subject.

Here’s why.


It was rumored that two years ago there was a huge change that swept over Google, spearheaded by a man called Jeff Dean.

It turns out his “project” will decide the fates of businesses across America. Including local law firms like yours. He’s the head of the AI division and was supposedly responsible for deploying an eerily human-like search algorithm.

Its job was simple… be more human.

However, it was just gossip. We had no way of confirming the reports making their way through the grape vine.

Therefore, I decided to test the theory. I implemented a strategy with a handful of local law firms. For 12 painstaking months we tested one theory after another, measured the results, tweaked the approach, and then retested it.

That’s what brought me here today. I want to share the results of our experiment and give you a breakdown of how to get your law firm’s website a permanent seat at the top of Google.

Here’s why it is important for you and your firm right now:

  • You can pump more traffic to your website without needing to spend money on advertising.
  • You’ll boost the number of leads you get so you don’t need to “worry” about where your next client is going to come from.
  • And breeze past your competition while you push them down the search rankings, leaving them scratching their heads (it feels good to slay the local competitors this way).

You’d be exposed to dozens and dozens of new prospects who would never have found you before. These are prospects who are ready to commit!

Why? Instead of sitting on their couch flicking through Disney+, they decided to spend their precious time searching for an attorney like you.

They are motivated to solve their legal problems. These are your ideal prospects.

The Experiments

Now imagine shooting up 87 spots in Google and being found for 63 new search terms in just 30 days! All of a sudden, your firm is discovered by a fresh crowd of hungry prospects who would never have heard of you before.

That’s what happened in the first case study I want to share with you today.

Now, as excited as this attorney was about the first 30 days of results from this new strategy… it was nothing compared to what happened after 60 days.

They were discovered for a grand total of 139 new search phrases, hoovering up all the clients who type them into Google.

After 90 days, we saw the biggest jump in profits as this attorney ranked number one on, Google mobile, and Google maps for the most profitable search term in existence – personal injury attorney.

I still remember when the lawyer called me up and told me he made $110,000 from one of the cases he got from this experiment.

Just imagine being tucked away at the top, getting free traffic for a keyword other attorneys are paying $50 per click for!

Was this a fluke?

I thought so. Until the next personal injury client in the experiment also shot straight to the top for the exact same keyword, but in a completely different state.

It seems like every time we execute this simple checklist, attorneys would get an astonishing result. And it worked for attorneys from a wide variety of practice areas.

For example, this bankruptcy attorney went from being virtually unknown to completely overtaking every law firm within 80 square miles.

This map shows his rankings on day zero of the experiment. Each bubble is exactly one mile apart. The entire area is 100 square miles:

After 180 days, he was dominating about 80% of the 100 square miles in his city – in every direction!

And to his competition, it happened seemingly out of nowhere…

Every prospect who steps foot in your territory will be served to you on a silver platter by the Google AI. And the best part is… you too can gatecrash the party happening at the top of Google.

The Checklist

This simple, elegant system assumes that the Google super-AI is human. You treat her with respect and use the art of persuasion to get into her good graces.

Sound far-fetched? I thought so too!

However, the truth is that Google’s new AI is incredibly receptive to the six laws of influence – it is almost like something out of a science fiction movie.

The same things that convince us mere mortals to make decisions, are the exact methods you need to use on Google.

The old way simply doesn’t work anymore. You can’t trick the new AI like you were able to trick the old Google search algorithm.

You won’t believe the catastrophic financial punishment handed out to law firms who hire Search Engine Optimization companies who try and cut corners.

You may as well go outside and feed your money to the dog.

Instead, you need to use these six laws to influence the Google AI

Lazy Lawyer Blueprint

The Six Laws to Influence the Google AI

Law #1: Reciprocity

Google wants to see you give something back to people who visit your website. If all you do is talk about yourself, without handing people actionable content that will help them … Google will punish you.

Sometimes you even need to have links that point to other helpful websites.

In our experiments, we created short YouTube videos with helpful advice, answering questions.

This helped to cement these law firms into the Google consciousness.

Law #2: Scarcity

Make your website unique and scarce by giving it a human voice. Most attorney content is written to read like a deposition. Humans HATE reading it, and therefore so does Google.

By changing the language of your site to have a more natural feel (kind of like this article you are reading), Google will reward you handsomely.

Law #3: Authority

Demonstrate your credibility. The easiest way to do this is with reviews. Since 88% of prospects trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation, so does Google!

We implemented a simple Reputation Builder system that collected and distributed reviews – making you an authority in Google’s eyes, but also in the eyes of all the new prospects who will be calling your office to hire you.

Law #4: Consistency

Don’t you just hate inconsistent staff members? They say they’ll do something and then they don’t, they’re always late, they never hand in their work on time.

Google hates that too. When you deploy a strategy of creating new content, ads, or reviews… then stick with it. The AI keeps tabs on your website.

We were militant about keeping the strategy consistent with the clients in our experiment, so Google knows you are a reliable firm.

Law #5: Likability/affinity

Google always asks, “do humans like this website?” If the answer is “no” then you’ll be relegated to the back pages where websites go to die.

Therefore, make your website user friendly. There are literally a thousand books dedicated to this subject. We deployed a simple redesign of the fonts, button locations, and colors to achieve this.

It has the added benefit of increasing your conversion rate so that eager clients can fill your appointment book.

Law #6: Consensus

Consensus refers to there being a general understanding that you are a good attorney. How does Google measure this seemingly subjective quality?

Yes, reviews help, but there is one other thing we found that made a huge difference.

By increasing the branded searches for your law firm, Google gets the hint that people believe in you.

We did this by getting our attorneys to ask prospects to Google their reviews over the phone and via email.

“Hey Sally, if you Google ‘ABC law firm reviews’ you’ll find a lot of our clients who were in the same situation as you.”

And just like that… Gary Musler

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