Modern SEO Strategies for Lawyers That Yield Page One Rankings

SEO strategies

Search engine optimization is a complex process but essential to any law firm that wants to rank on page one of Google. When compared to pay-per-click, one huge advantage of SEO is that your listing remains there 24 hours a day; with pay-per-click campaigns, your ad goes down once the daily budget is exhausted. When you incorporate SEO strategies with PPC marketing campaigns simultaneously, you can benefit from both immediate results as well as build long-term sustainability for your law firm.

There are a couple of important points to understand when it comes to SEO.

No. 1: Google wants to create a good user experience for their audience; therefore, Google rewards websites that have relevant content and information that people are looking for. For example, if someone is searching for “How to protect yourself if you are accused of a crime you did not commit” and your website answers that question, Google will reward you by showing your site when someone searches that question. Of course, there are also many other factors that may determine search engine rankings; however, a good user experience and relevancy are quite high on the list.

No. 2: Google loves fresh, relevant content, which can be achieved by having a blog on your website and consistently posting fresh content to it. It is important to understand that simply posting a blog will not get you on page one of Google but coming up with SEO strategies will. The SEO strategy must consist of determining what type of keywords phrases you want to rank for, or the type of cases you would like to get more of into your firm, and then making sure that the blogs are written strategically for SEO purposes. In fact, this is the same strategy we use for our clients and we have noticed that this strategy yields page one rankings for multiple keywords. Once you have been consistently posting fresh, relevant content to your website for a couple of months, you will notice that you may begin to dominate Google for certain keywords by ranking multiple times for one keyword.

No. 3: In order to get your rankings to appear faster on page one of Google, it is also important to set up a campaign that involves link-building, web directories, blog submission, and social signals. When this is coupled with blogging, the results are remarkable.

No. 4: Clients often ask how long it takes to start seeing results. The answer is that it depends on how aggressive you are with you marketing campaign. If you are posting 20 blogs a month versus 10 blogs a month, then you will see the same results in half the time. Every time a new blog is posted to the website, it counts as an additional page to the website. So, ultimately, over a period of time your website could possibly have 100 extra pages. Google loves this because it will know consider your website to be more authoritative and powerful. This is the same reason why large directory websites, government websites or university websites all rank on page one of Google.

No. 5: Another component that can be an essential part of your marketing strategy is video marketing. Videos are indexed within five minutes of posting them to Google, which means that if even half of the videos you post end up ranking on page one of Google, the result is immediate. Please keep in mind that the video will have to have the right meta title and description as well as tags in order to have the chance to rank high on Google.

No. 6: Every business owner can have a local listing that shows up on the search result page of Google. Simply having a listing is not good enough, the critical factor is that the listing must also be optimized for SEO in order to rank among the top few that are shown on the page without having to hit the more results button.

If you are looking to get page one rankings for your law firm, it is a good idea to evaluate what types of cases you would like to get more of into your firm; or even what types of cases are your bread and butter and incorporate a marketing strategy around that. Also make a list of all the cities and surrounding suburbs that you want to rank high for. This will help you focus on what the most immediate needs are in your law firm and work toward those goals. Dimple Dang

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