15 Social Media Tools to Incorporate into Your Law Firm Marketing

social media tools

Social media tools can make your law firm marketing more effective, efficient and systemized. Check out these 15 social media tools that you can start using immediately.

Otter Voice Notes: This tool enables you to take voice notes and generate transcripts. It can be used on a desktop computer or iOS or an Android device. It allows you to re-purpose audio and video transcripts. Otter Voice Notes offers inexpensive plans for both individuals and teams.


Slack: This is a tool that brings all your interoffice communication together in one place. It is like having your own social media channel for your law firm. Slack provides a single place for messaging, tools and files. The result is more productivity and increased collaboration.

Evernote: This note-taking app helps you capture and prioritize ideas, projects and to-do lists.

Canva: Don’t have the skills to use Photoshop? This design tool makes it easy to create graphics, social media covers, brochures and more.

Planable: This allows you to create social media post mockups so you can preview the post and see how it looks prior to its going live. This is also a great tool to use for the social media approval process within your law firm.

Clipping Magic: If you don’t have access to Photoshop or a graphic designer, this is a good alternative to use. This tool functions similarly to Photoshop but is much easier and quicker to use. It allows you to remove a background from an image, which can come in handy when editing attorney headshot photos so there is consistency on your “attorney bios” page.

IA Writer: This tool helps you focus when creating text documents whether they are blogs, client letters or any type of notes and content you need to create by dimming everything but the current sentence or paragraph that you are typing.

Lumin5: This tool allows you to repurpose online articles or blog posts as videos. You will need a URL to type into the app and then it will convert the article into a slideshow. It also includes a toolkit with copyright-free music, effects and media. It does require a paid version in order to produce high-quality videos.

Listen Notes: If you enjoy listening to Podcasts, this tool is for you. With this is search engine specifically for podcasts, you can create playlists of a selection of specific episodes. It also helps you find related podcasts if you are researching a particular person or topic. Once you have created a playlist in Listen Notes, you will get a URL that you can insert into your favorite podcast app so you can listen to that particular playlist.

It is important to know that Listen Notes is a great tool for finding content based on specific people, places or topics but is not the best tool for searching for Podcasts by name.

IFTTT: This app gets its name from the statement “if this, then that.” This software connects apps, devices and services from various developers in order to trigger automations.

Trello: This is a great project management and task management tool. It allows you to create a board that is sharable and each card can house a lot of details. It helps keep you and your team on task for important tasks, projects and deadlines.

Zapier: One of my favorite tools, it allows you to connect apps that you use every day and automate tasks. There are over 1,500 apps that you can pick from to create automations.

Facebook Premieres: This is a new Facebook tool that is designed to make it easier for businesses and brands to promote video content. It enables you to record videos and then schedule them as live video premieres. The advantage of doing this is that premiere videos allows users to sign up to watch the video when it goes live, thus sending them a reminder when it is about to go live.

OneUp: If you want to save time on constantly sharing your social media posts, then you will love this tool. It promotes your blogs, videos and podcasts by automatically sharing and re-sharing them. It also works to reuse your evergreen content.

Mention: This marketing insights platform provides real-time monitoring of social media and Web content. This tool provides brand mentions from all over the internet. It also provides keyword and competitor insights.

Try utilizing a couple of these tools for your law firm marketing and see the benefits of using apps/platforms to streamline processes and social media marketing. Dimple Dang 

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