How to Optimize Your Blog Post Content for Social Media

How to Optimize Your Blog Post Content for Social Media

Creating a strategic content marketing strategy for your law firm is more important than ever.

With the limitations that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon everyone not being able to go to in-person and live events, it is more imperative than ever to have a very strong online presence for your law firm.


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Many law firms are accustomed to getting their leads and clients from referrals, and if you have an established firm that has been in business for years, referrals are a normal part of client acquisition.

On the other hand, if you have a firm that is new or not as established, you will have to work extra hard to generate more new clients during a pandemic. You will need a customized and actionable marketing strategy that is aligned with the goals of your law firm. One of the best and most effective marketing strategies for law firms is to have a law blog and post consistent content to that blog on a weekly basis.

Creating Content

When it comes to determining what type of content to create, follow the below guidelines:


  • Make a list of the most commonly asked questions that come from clients and create your blog topics around these questions.
  • Create content around some of the hot topics in your legal niche and industry. (You can use the BuzzSumo tool to research trending topics by keyword.)
  • Create content with an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy in mind to get your firm to rank high for the practice areas that you want to generate more cases. Further, determine the cities or counties that you want to get more clients from and create an SEO strategy around those.

Step one to writing and creating great content is to have an optimized headline that grabs attention. Optimized means that your article will have the likelihood of performing well on social media based on the title. If you need some help determining effective headlines for your content, you can use the Co-Schedule Free Headline Analyzer Tool.

Optimize Your Blog Post Content for Social Media

It is also important to share your blog post articles on social media in order to get maximum exposure. You can share your blog post articles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and even link them to your Instagram bio. One of the best ways to organize your law firm contact marketing strategy is to create a Google sheet or Excel spreadsheet that will have the following columns:

  1. The title of the blog post or article.
  2. The URL of the blog post.
  3. The distinct file names for the images you plan on using for social media.

You can also scan the blog post to find distinct quotes from interviews, statistics, key points or any other data that would be beneficial to your audience. You should easily be able to extract four to six key points or quotes from each blog article.

Now that you know what to do to come up with your 10 social media posts; it is time to create custom-branded graphic templates for social media. Each graphic needs to be the appropriate size for each social media network (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram).

Not to fear! You don’t have to be a graphic artist or even hire a graphic artist in order to design the graphics. You can simply use a tool such as Canva or Colorcinch to create amazing social media social graphics with ease, in a matter of minutes. With Canva, you can design brochures, business cards, social media graphics and so much more. Colorcinch allows you to edit photos with exposure, crop, contrast and even convert assets to PDF files.

If you need royalty-free images for your social media post you can you can check outside such as Pexels, Unsplash and Pixabay, or if you prefer to have more higher quality options of stock images you can purchase paid images from Adobe Stock. The next step is to schedule your social media posts. Some of my favorite tools that you can use are Meet Edgar, Content Studio and Buffer. There are tons of options available, your decision will be based on the features and functionality that are important to you.

Make sure to set aside some time every week to work on your law firm marketing strategy or consult an experienced marketing expert who can assist you if you are too busy to handle it yourself.

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