How Lawyers Can Create Content for Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels

I remember back in the day when law firms and lawyers relied on Yellow Pages for their marketing. Then came pay-per-click marketing campaigns on Google. And if you ask any established firm, they will tell you that referrals are a huge part of their business.

Throughout the years, I have noticed a shift when it comes to legal marketing. I see that a lot more attorneys and lawyers are focusing on creating a personal brand for themselves, regardless of whether they work for a large firm or small firm. The best social media platform for building a personal brand is Instagram.


Judge Dan Hinde

Instagram Reels—The Hottest Feature Now

Instagram reels are short video clips that can be 15, 30 or 50 seconds long. Lawyers can utilize Instagram reels to create educational content that answers the most-asked questions that they get from their clients. The reels can be entertaining and educational in nature. Don’t be scared to put a bit of your personality in your reels!

Why Instagram Reels are so Popular?

Any time Instagram rolls out a new feature, it rewards users who utilize it by giving them more exposure and views. Also, video has always been popular amongst social media platforms because it is visual, and people love to consume video content.

How to Come Up with Content?

Think about the most asked questions you get from clients and turn those into Instagram posts and reels. You can take these questions and turn them into an Instagram reel that is both educational and entertaining.



Another way to come up with a content marketing strategy for Instagram is to go to this website: When you are on the site, you can enter a keyword that is relevant to your practice area niche. For example, if you are a divorce attorney, you can type in the keyword “prenuptial agreement” or “child custody,” and this site will render a wheel of the most-asked questions that the public is searching for online pertaining to that keyword.

The darker green color indicates the more popular questions. You can take it one step further and export the questions to an excel document and utilize them to create a content calendar for the next 60 to 90 days. You can add columns labeled topics, platform (where do you plan on posting this content), status (in production, posted), date posted, and a notes section. Currently, this site allows you to do one to two searches a day for free.

What Type of Equipment Will You Need To Record Your Instagram Reels?

Lighting is very important when it comes to producing quality content, so invest in a high-quality ring light and tripod. Other than that, the only thing you will need is your phone.

There are also many apps that come handy when you are creating and editing your reels. Some of my favorites are Spark Camera, InShot and Filmr.

Commit to Your Content Like You Commit to Your Clients

The key to creating content is to put it on your calendar just as you would a client meeting. And just as you wouldn’t cancel a client meeting, do not cancel your meeting with yourself to create content. Put it on your calendar and then commit to it!

Get two or three outfits ready and batch your content so it is easier to produce. Film each concept five or six times and do not stop to review the footage while you are filming. If you film five or six versions, you will find one or two that are winners. This will save much time and allow to you create more content faster. Then later that evening, you can watch all your reels and delete the ones that you don’t like and make a folder on your phone for the ones you do like and label the folder Reels to Edit.

How To Get More Engagement And Views On Instagram

One of the ways to get more engagement on your Instagram page is to engage with other people’s accounts 30 minutes prior to posting your reel or post. What this does is alert other people that you commented on their content. They end up going on Instagram to review their comments, and then they are highly likely to see your reels/videos when you post them because they will happen to be online.

One of the factors that determines a viral factor is how many people engage with your content within the first few minutes of its being posted. Instagram will also reward you for utilizing all their features, so make sure you are utilizing all the features of stories including polls, questions, location, music, etc.

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