How to Use LinkedIn Video for Your Law Firm

LinkedIn Video

If used properly, LinkedIn can be used to target your audience, as well as generate leads and new cases for your law firm. LinkedIn is so powerful because of its vast reach of more than 610 million users (source:

Recently, videos are more impactful on social media, and social media channels also reward those who incorporate videos or live streaming into their social media marketing by giving them more exposure and page views.


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Statistics show that videos are shared more than static content. Furthermore, people also spend three times longer watching LinkedIn video ads in comparison to regular ads.

To get started, follow these steps.

STEP 1: Create A Strategy for New-Client Acquisition

This step requires you to identify short- and long-term goals for your law firm. Is the long-term goal of your marketing to create a funnel of consistent leads that come in? Or is it more about building brand awareness for your law firm? Perhaps it is even a combination of both of those aspects.


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STEP 2: Identify the Campaign’s Key Performance Indicators

You should now define your target audience and come up with video content that will resonate with them. This may require some research on your part to determine what their hot buttons are and how to best relate to them. If you plan on doing any paid promotions on LinkedIn or hiring a professional video crew, it is essential to create a budget for your marketing campaigns. It is also important to evaluate if you can do one broad campaign or if it is better to break up your campaigns into different segments in order to reach different target demographics.

STEP 3: Identify What Type of Linkedin Video Option Is Best for Your Purpose

Currently, LinkedIn has two different types of video options.

The first option is native videos. Native videos will auto-play in LinkedIn and grab more attention because they are organically posted.

The second option is LinkedIn video ads, which are sponsored videos that appear in the feed. Sponsored LinkedIn video ads can be used for brand awareness and lead generation.

The main difference between native videos and LinkedIn video ads (sponsored videos) is that native videos can be up to 10 minutes long, whereas LinkedIn video ads can be up to 30 minutes long. So, depending on how long your video is, you can determine the best format that works for your goal.

The three stages of your LinkedIn video funnel:

Stage 1: Awareness

If your goal is to create brand awareness, then the type of videos that work best for that are short ones that focus on your distinct practice areas or services rather than your law firm on a general basis.

You can also use any clips from an event where you made a speech or perhaps a community event that your law firm hosted. Both of these clips can be used to create awareness of your firm as well as your personal brand.

Stage 2: Consideration

The goal of the consideration stage is to enhance the customer experience. The best type of videos to use for the consideration stage are law firm story videos that show the human side of the business that helps the audience connect with you. A good example would be to showcase your firm attorneys speaking about their experiences working for the firm and the satisfaction that they get from helping client’s day in and day out.

Another type of video is called an explainer video. In this type of video, you can explain a problem and then present a solution to the problem.

Stage 3: Conversions

Testimonial videos are great for sharing actual experiences that can help build trust within potential clients. As you may have to consider attorney-client confidentiality, you may need to conceal identity or follow state regulations set forth by state bar that you are licensed in.

Simply posting a video to LinkedIn is not enough. You must learn how to optimize your video for SEO purposes. To optimize your video to reach a wider audience, it is important to use LinkedIn hashtags in your video. However, don’t use too many. You should also consider putting subtitles in your videos in case your audience is watching from work and has to mute the volume.

Done right, LinkedIn video is a great marketing tool to add to your law firm marketing plan! Dimple Dang

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