Law Firm Video Marketing That Works: A Case Study

video marketing case study

How much time and money would you save if prospects are already convinced they need to hire you, before you’ve even spoken to them?

In less than five minutes you’ll understand exactly how a specific video marketing formula, designed for law firms, made it possible to save time on free consultations while retaining more clients.

Let’s dig in.

#1: 3-Part Attorney Video Formula

You can waste $25,000 on a documentary style video and get zero result if you don’t use this formula. It has been proven to work time and time again.

Each video follows this order.

  1. How you help your clients (social proof)
  2. About your law firm (building authority)
  3. You as a person (personal connection)

When a prospect watches your video, they want to know if you can help them. The best way to do this is by showing them people, just like them, who you have helped. This makes them feel like you understand their problem.

Lazy Lawyer Blueprint

Then, and only then, can you start talking about your law firm. This is an opportunity to turn yourself from someone who understands them, into a professional who can help them. It builds authority.

Once they know that you can help them, and they believe you are a professional, you need to show them that you are relatable.

People like doing business with people they like. Likability is one of the six laws of influence after all.

Most people are intimidated to speak with attorneys. This personal touch at the end is designed to eliminate that. It should make them feel like “Hey, I can sit down and talk to this person”.

Here is an example of this exact formula in action. See if you can spot all three parts:

#2: Save Money & Break Video into 4 Commercials

If you were a person in need of a worker’s comp attorney, do you think you’d hire an attorney like Richard after watching the video above?

Most probably.

Just one or two additional clients can easily make up for the production cost of a video like that, but you need to make every penny count.

If you’re smart, you’ll split this video up into commercials. Since you want to use these videos for marketing your law firm, you need some quick and snappy ads you can stick on social media.

There are four commercial types you can use.

  1. Six seconds (pre-roll ads).
  2. 15 seconds (pre-roll ads)
  3. 30 seconds (skippable long form ads)
  4. One minute (full testimonial ads)

Six Second Commercial

15 Second Commercial

30 Second Commercial

60 Second Commercial

These shorter videos work particularly well when retargeting your audience. In other words, once someone visits your website, or your lead generation page, they will be targeted with these short snippets.

That leads us to the final part of this article.

#3: Distribute Your Message to Prospects with Video Marketing

Almost 40% of people’s time online is spent watching videos. Tap into the vast reservoir of people’s online attention with a nowhere to hide approach.

The concept behind this distribution strategy is simple: give people nowhere to hide. By covering Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Instagram you’ll reach 99% of the websites your prospects visit.

Facebook & Instagram video marketing

Facebook and Instagram run on the same platform. Prospects will see these videos about your law firm in the following places:

  • Facebook and Instagram stories
  • The news feed.
  • Sidebar
  • Pre-roll and mid-roll ads in other people’s videos.
  • Video feeds.

If your prospects go on either Facebook or Instagram you can put money on the fact that they will see a large portion of your videos.

Google & YouTube video marketing

Google and YouTube use the same platform. You probably already know what ads look like on YouTube, however, did you know that Google will cover over 2 million external websites that allow for video as well?

Prospects will see your videos in the following places:

  • On any website they visit that allows Google video ads (this covers over 90% of all internet traffic in the US).
  • YouTube search.
  • YouTube suggested videos.
  • YouTube pre-roll ads.
  • YouTube mid-roll ads.

Are you starting to see why we call it our “Nowhere to hide” video marketing campaign?

That’s just some of the law firm video marketing strategies we used to help this attorney get 189 inbound calls from prospects who already know him. By Gary Musler

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