Top 10 Ways to Improve a Small Law Firm’s Website

small law firm's website

I asked a panel of SEO managers and marketing experts to share their tops tips for improving the website of a small law firm. From having a sleek design to driving online traffic, these experts share the following 10 tips for lawyers to improve their website.

Have a Sleek Design

A small law firm’s website can be considered as a lobby of sorts for prospective clients, and if they’re turned off by your site’s design, they’ll leave. A small law firm’s website should look sleek, but be functional and have an intuitive UI. Prospective clients should be able to see the services you offer, and find out what you stand for. Don’t spend too much time or money to make your website flashy, as it could look like one big ad spend and turn clients off.


Court Will, Will & Will

Emphasize Your Uniqueness With Keywords

Legal marketing is very competitive, and for many small firms, the primary option to compensate for modest marketing budgets is to differentiate. The use of well-thought keywords across the website is paramount for this.

Carefully choosing and propagating long-tail keywords can work miracles. Adding modifiers such as “small business” or “bankruptcy” to higher-level search words like “corporate lawyer New York” can help to rank on very lucrative and relevant secondary keyword phrases.

Michael Sena, SENACEA


Post Content Regularly

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical if you want your website to rank for relevant search terms via Google searches.  One way to improve your SEO on your site is to put applicable written content regularly on your site.  The more content published on your site, the better your odds are for your SEO improving and your website ranking higher on applicable Google searches.

Tate Meagher, Meagher Law Office, PLLC

Simplicity Goes a Long Way

When building a website, it’s easy to get caught up in the finer details, so remember the purpose you’re trying to fulfill. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience and create an experience that both — brings them value and makes it hassle-free and easy to use. The best websites are usually the ones that keep it simple so stay off the frills and overly complex visual elements that take away from your message.

Riley Beam, Douglas R. Beam, P.A.

Create the Perfect Logo for Your Website Design.

Building brand recognition is vital within law firms, therefore selecting the best logo that enables your potential clients to recognize your law form on different platforms is vital. Something that stands out and is instantly recognized. Instead of using symbols and signs, I recommend using the full name of your law firm, experimenting with the letters used inside your logo.  You can also make use of your firm name and the practice area name in the URL.

Saskia Ketz, Mojomox

Make Your Website as Fast as Possible

If your website is slow to load, potential customers will become frustrated and leave your site to go check out your competitors.

The easiest way to increase your site speed is to ensure you have compressed images. Use a free image compressor such as TinyPNG to compress and re-upload your site’s images to your CMS.

You’ll be amazed at how much such a small (and relatively simple) task can improve your site speed and general website experience.

Claire Westbrook, LSAT Prep Hero

Optimized for Mobile Devices

One important consideration when improving a website for a small law firm is to ensure that the site is optimized for viewing on mobile devices. Many customers use mobile devices to research a wide variety of businesses and services online, including law firms. If your site is not fully optimized to appeal to all customers, regardless of the device they use, you could be missing out on valuable traffic and conversions. Therefore, creating a flexible site that can adequately serve any and all customers is certainly a worthy investment.

Ravi Rouvier, Markitors

Video Marketing

In order to stand out, legal firms should focus on creating video content. Youtube is owned by Google and is the world’s second-largest search engine. In fact, in some instances, Google gives videos a higher ranking than websites. For lawyers, I propose creating a YouTube channel with a series of videos discussing various areas of practice as well as particular scenarios that potential clients may find themselves in. Use 90-second videos to explain what you do and why you do it on your website’s homepage. Offer a free hot tip list at the end of the video in exchange for an email address as a call to action. Using video on your homepage accomplishes two key legal marketing goals. First, when people hear your voice, see you, and learn *why* you do what you do, they begin to feel connected, and a relationship is formed.  Second, visitors who sign up for your hot tip list in exchange for their email address give you permission to promote your law firm to them through an email campaign.

Darshan Somashekar, Spider Solitaire Challenge

Include Reviews

Reviews are an opportunity to show how your organization assists clients rather than brag about how fantastic you are. To convert potential clients into actual clients, include reviews from Google, social media, and other listed sites.Tell people what you’re doing now and what you’re hoping to accomplish in the future. It should be done on your firm’s website, customer-facing e-mails, and social media. You might include information about the types of cases you handle, your experience, and the kinds of clients you serve. Doing this helps prospective clients understand the scope of your practice and establishes a bond that will keep clients coming back. Review pages can help prospective clients find information when considering hiring an attorney.

Muskan Rai, Web Hosting Advices

Drive Traffic

Law firms are often seen as an intimidating industry so their website improvements are best directed at transforming their digital spaces into user-friendly and engaging platforms. Embedding the company’s social media channels into the website provides consumers with something familiar to check out. It also increases the business’s accessibility that allows the target market a holistic view of the firm’s culture and services, ultimately generating user engagement.

Seeing client testimonials is also a green flag for every potential lead. People need an idea of what to expect from your firm so dedicating a page for feedback given by past clients will raise the audiences’ confidence in availing your services. Plus bonus points for dedicating pages for the firm’s and its lawyers’ awards and recognitions, as well as press and media inquiries or features, because those clearly express that your business is the real deal.

Michael Knight, Incorporation Insight

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