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kitty & puppy ip
Z. Peter Sawicki and James L. Young

Kitty & Puppy IP

When was the last time you used “intellectual” and “pets” in the same sentence? Oh, sure – some think cats are fiercely independent and stealthy,

trademark search
Z. Peter Sawicki and James L. Young

Anatomy of a Trademark Search

“Branding” the product is a normal first step when introducing that product into the marketplace. A primary focus of branding is what to “name” it.

null sets
Chris Chalstrom

Don’t Clown Around with Null Sets

U.S. Magistrate Judge Iain D. Johnston knows eDiscovery and has a fear of clowns. He showed both in the following footnote 2 in City of

creative coverage copyrights
Z. Peter Sawicki and James L. Young

Client Creativity Coverage, by Copyright

Copyright protects the expression of an idea by the creator(s) of that expression. Our clients create “stuff” all the time, but what of that “stuff”

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