Why Your Law Firm Needs a Wellness Plan to Compete Today

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Did you know the estimated cost associated with lack of productivity due to poor employee health is 2 to 3 times greater than health care expenses? Investing in your employees’ health today with a firm-wide wellness program can be a smart investment for anyone in practice.


Better productivity. Energized employees are more cooperative and create a better working environment.



Employee satisfaction. Employees that participate in wellness programs derive more satisfaction from their workplace, and they are more inclined to take ownership of their own assignments and give back to their employer.

Fewer absences. Those that are participating in a personal or employer driven wellness program are subject to less depression and obesity which can both lead to additional absences annually.

Less attrition. Without an outlet for stress, tension can build up to active job searching by employees— even after one bad day.

Lower health care costs to employee and employer. Stress, drinking, smoking, high levels of blood pressure and cholesterol, a high body mass index, and many other health indicators can by reduced by providing a wellness program and outlet to employees who may not know where to get one or have time otherwise.

Higher internal and external referrals for growth. Happy employees invite other quality individuals to come work in their businesses; they also share their satisfying experience for clients who will, in turn, refer new business as well.

Leading firms have already adopted wellness programs to attract and retain the highest quality talent. Having a substantial work-life balance for millennials who are now reaching up to 50% of our workforce and increasing to 60% in the next few years, while our aging population contains approximately 25%, opting to work longer. This brings a full spectrum of health and benefit needs to businesses. Some may find it overwhelming and do not have the resources to fill this competitive need in their human resources departments. Outsourcing an external partner for your firm’s wellness needs can relieve you of this imperative component of your business model.


Wellness events and fairs. Providing a scheduled, routine event for employees to look forward to learning and participating in wellness, while having a tactile plan in place, lets employees know their employer truly does see them as valuable.


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Daily office stretching techniques. Learning stress relieving and stretching moves to incorporate throughout the day allows employees to ward off sedentary, repetitive movements that can lead to expensive injuries.

Fitness consultations including BMI. Individual consultations with a consistent monitoring of valuable assessments can prevent and show issues before they become more challenging to correct. BMI, waist-to-hip ratio, and body fat analysis are assessments that can help determine where an employee is and where they may need to look further in their wellness planning. All assessments can be optional for employees and confidentiality is paramount.

Meal prep and plans. Busy employees are grateful for assistance in simplifying how to shop, what to prepare before hand, what and how to cook sustainable meals, and blend better eating into their every day lives versus eating out and “reactive eating” with poor choices on an empty stomach.

Desk-to-desk individualized programming. Everyone is different and their workspace is their second home. Customized, individual assessments of work areas allow simple solutions to sometimes painful, daily desk designs.

Small-group stretching and exercises. Many people prefer to work in teams so small group exercise sessions are an attractive way to get some wellness in while keeping it social.

Team-building activities. Offices work better when they work together. By having team-building activities both in and out of the office, firms are able unveil personalities that can develop on a deeper basis for more productive business development.

Firm-wide challenges. Weekly or monthly challenges are a fun way to bring employees’ competitive and fun natures out while getting them healthier at the same time. Weekly water intake or monthly total walking steps are great ways to get additional employees interested in wellness that may not initially take on a structured exercise program.

Monthly individualized follow. Up and tracking. Communication and affirmation is key with retaining employees in any program including wellness. By nature, we all want to know if we are doing something well and correctly. Celebrating milestones and encouragement goes a long way in the continuation of a wellness program.

As an introduction in your next firm meeting, have an open conversation with everyone together about wellness. Ask your employees what they see as a wellness plan and what they would like in their daily work lives. Their input is key in determining what is appropriate for your workplace. There are many wellness plans available, but finding your firm’s need and style is key. By having an input in the wellness plan, more employees will be inclined to participate which will naturally enhance the effectiveness of your investment in them exponentially.

Whatever plan you select, make sure you review all available aspects of programs and services, and allow the professional partner administering to conduct accordingly. You are delegating this wellness need, not adding to your tasks. Allow the partner to be the expert and have scheduled touch-base meetings bi-weekly or monthly to review progress and communicate further expectations, experiences and issues, and continue to tailor the program to what fits your employees’ needs.

Your investment will pay off with a well workforce that is happy to take your law firm to the next level. Anna Stavaridis

Anna Stavaridis

Anna Stavaridis is CEO of Meraki Fitness LLC in Los Angeles. For more information visit www.merakifitnessbyanna.com.

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