Do You Need to See a Doctor to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

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When it comes to personal injury cases, selecting the right doctor is incredibly important for a wide range of reasons. So what does this mean? Well, in addition to seeking medical treatment as soon as an injury takes place, much of your personal injury case relies on the doctor (or doctors) you visit, the care you receive, and how you recover. So given these circumstances, it makes the waters of personal injury much more complex than initially perceived. Thankfully, we’re going to walk you through the process of personal injury cases in the event you find yourself having to make the same decision.

When One Should Go to The Doctor

When it comes to insurance companies, they’ll utilize any excuse at their disposal to avoid paying for any injury that may have occurred from an accident. As far as excuses, many insurance companies are not above claiming that an individual was not injured in an accident. So what does this mean for you? Well, if you don’t have an evaluation from a doctor on the exact day of an accident, some insurance companies will note the lack of immediate treatment as proof that you weren’t injured in an accident.

That’s right, some insurance companies have no problem taking advantage of your natural fight or flight reaction to a severely traumatic event. Since many injuries are not discovered until the next day, it’s all too common that insurance companies pull this card when denying coverage. So to avoid this headache in the future, it’s important that you get checked out by a doctor on the same day as the accident to eliminate the opportunity for such a morally bankrupt action to come from an insurance company.

Is An Emergency Room Visit Necessary?

In the event of an accident or an injury, it’s the doctors who are in the emergency room who are some of the best in the practice. Just by going into the emergency room alone and letting the doctor know of your pain and/or symptoms provides more than enough documentation (and attention) that is deserved after such a traumatic experience. Even a small ache or pain after an accident can be part of something that is much larger later on (which could need surgery in the future), so it is imperative to be upfront and honest when discussing your injury. There’s no need to hold back when it comes to the minor details, so bring them up in the event they need to be documented later.

What’s great about emergency room assessments is that they are fairly thorough and very documented. Once a hospital stay or emergency room visit is conducted, you will be encouraged to set up a follow up with another specialist or your doctor. By seeing the right doctors, you’ll be provided important injury documentation that will be supported by medical tests and records. From here, you’ll be able to receive the physical therapy, surgeries, or treatments necessary for healing.

Are Primary Care Follow-Ups Important?

Sure, primary care doctors are incredibly important when treating medical issues. However, they may not have the experience to treat someone who has just been involved in an accident. By focusing on internal medicine, trauma pain such as broken bones, concussions, back pain, or neck pain may be out of their league. In addition to this, a primary care doctor may not be capable of documenting a traumatic injury. Since insurance companies thrive on documentation to make value of a claim, an undocumented injury will make the pain associated with the accident seem insignificant – even if it was/is incredibly painful.

Yet it’s worth mentioning that even though a primary care doctor is important and can be documented, they should not be the main doctor you report to.

Discovering Proper Doctors & Specialists

The type of specialists and doctors you need mainly depends on the injuries you have received. One may need to seek help from a physiatrist, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, or chiropractors to treat severe traumatic injury. A primary care doctor can even suggest recommendations for such therapy after an accident.

However (and if you’re still at a loss), a personal injury attorney for a personal injury lawsuit can also set you on the right path in regards to a doctor who will be of incredible value to you and your issue. Since you need reputable physicians who will authenticate and gather pertinent medical evidence, a lawyer will make sure you’re sent in the right direction. Great physicians will have no problem assessing pain, the degree in which mobility is lost, reductions in your productivity at work, and properly analyze the extent of injury that has damaged what was once the quality of life pre-injury. Such assessment can even dabble in mental health, such as anxiety or depression that surfaced due to the accident.

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