Examples of Sexual Harassment at Work in Tampa, Florida

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Sexual harassment is something that millions of people deal with every year and that can cause a huge range of trouble for those involved. It can be so hard to figure out what to do if you feel that you might be subject to sexual harassment, you should have a safe workplace and sexual harassment is not something that you should have to deal with.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is any action that is sexual in nature that is directed at one person that is not receptive and that does not want the advances. These are any advances that are geared toward one person that does not want to be on the receiving end. Sexual harassment is not always something overt like being grabbed sexually, it can be much more subtle.

If you are dealing with sexual harassment, it is always best to first go to your HR department then if that does not help, you can seek legal help in dealing with sexual harassment.

What are Some Common Sexual Harassment Events?

When it comes to sexual harassment, it is important to take the time to figure out if you are being sexually harassed or if there is something else going on entirely. Things like inappropriate or suggestive comments, comments on your appearance, comments on your actions or your personality, and more. These are just words, most people would not consider this to be a problem, however, if you feel uncomfortable with those comments, it can make it hard to go to work and it can be hard to deal with people at work.

Sexual harassment can also be physical touch. Someone touching you sexually or suggestively without your consent, someone touching any part of you when you do not want it, or touching you in any way that you do not agree to or that you are not comfortable with. Sexual harassment can also be inappropriate jokes that might be being told about you, comments that one person is making to another about you, and more.

There is no real end to what can be considered sexual harassment. It is the right of every person to go to work and feel safe and feel that they are going to be a valued part of a company rather than someone that is going to be sexually harassed or that is going to be objectified. Sexual harassment can happen to anyone, any gender, any sexual orientation, and any religion. Sexual harassment is not something that only happens between men and women and that only happens to women.

If you feel that you are being sexually harassed, it is important that you take the right steps to make sure it is resolved. You should first go to your human resources department so that an account can be made, and a record can be made as well. Your human resources department should also address the issue and make sure that the person that is doing the harassment is given a chance to reform their behavior.

How Can an Attorney Help?

Your lawyer is going to be able to do so much for you in terms of your sexual harassment case. If you are being harassed, your attorney is going to first and foremost be able to help you create a case and get together your information and your proof so that your claim cannot be refuted. They are going to be able to take the time to work and create a case that is going to be irrefutable.

They will also help you to take the time to speak through what you are dealing with allowing you a chance to be heard and to have your concerns aired. Instead of having to get other people on board with you, your lawyer is going to be able to fight for you and help you to figure out what you should do next in terms of creating a case.

A lawyer is also going to be able to help you start getting a safe place to work and making sure that the person that is harassing you is held accountable, that they are forced to stop their harassment, and that you get a settlement if you are entitled to one. In many cases, you can get damages for sexual harassment in the form of lost wages if you had to leave work, compensation for pain and suffering, and even compensation for being fired if you were terminated because of your claim.

No one should have to work in a place where they do not feel safe, and no one should have to endure sexual harassment or harassment of any sort. The help of a great attorney you can work through your case, and you can either figure out how to beat a sexual harassment claim if you are being accused or bring those that are harassing you to justice.

In a day and age where we are as advanced as we are, it is not necessary for anyone to deal with sexual harassment or deal with feeling uncomfortable in their workplace and their workspace. It is so hard to figure out how to traverse the waters of sexual harassment, but an attorney can help, and they can help make the process easier to deal with and easier to take care of all together.


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