What Should I Do If I Was Wrongfully Terminated in Tampa, Florida?

The Changing Job Termination Laws

Years ago, to fire an employee meant that you first had to leave a paper trail of what you did as an employee before you took the last step, termination of the employee’s job. Nowadays, it seems as though an employer can fire you at any time for anything or nothing at all.

In today’s workforce, the legal field of attorneys who fight for the rights of employees use a term called wrongful termination that covers a wide range of claims.

States can be an at-will state or not, and Florida is an at-will state, meaning that an employer can fire you for any reason or no reason. Employers do not have to give you any reason why they are firing you. The termination of an employee under these circumstances is not against the law.

Never believe that the law is not on your side. If you think you lost your job due to wrongful termination, you need to call a wrongful termination lawyer to help you gather all the essential information you need to determine if you have a case against the employer. These cases can be complex and complicated, and you must know the laws well to fight large corporations because they have a team of skilled attorneys. Never fight the system without your experienced attorney by your side.

Florida employees have legal protection against wrongful termination. Since Florida is an “at-will” state, meaning employers can fire you for any reason, it can be confusing to know when you can sue for wrongful termination.

Know that in any state, including Florida, it is against the law to fire you based on your age, race, pregnancy, sex, sexual preference, and more.

Are You the Victim of a Wrongful Termination?

  • Sexual harassment is not tolerated in any workplace. If this is your case, your employer must be held accountable and liable for compensation that may include back pay and reinstatement with full benefits. Our law firm does not tolerate this type of behavior from any employer. We fight for your employee rights, and we win cases based on these issues.
  • Wrongful termination happens when your employer fires you through unlawful means.
  • Did you violate a company policy?
  • Did your employer break a binding contract?
  • Was there a discrimination issue?
  • Were you a whistleblower on an employee or employer’s illegal actions and were terminated?
  • Were you pregnant and terminated because your employer is not family-friendly? A few of these employers do not relish paying for Family Medical Leave and would instead terminate the pregnant employee. The Family Medical Leave Act says that an employer cannot terminate for this reason. This act protects you, but you need to call us at once to get to work on your case.
  • Suppose you are a resident in Tampa, Florida, contact this seasoned attorney about issues surrounding wrongful termination practices. We are fighting for your rights as a Florida resident and employee. We hold employers accountable for their illegal actions. It makes no difference how small or large a company or corporation or what industry you work in, we fight the wrongful termination of all employees, and we win.
  • Did your employer withhold overtime pay and not legally pay you what was owed? Being compensated for the correct hours worked is not illegal. However, it is unlawful for your employer not to pay you what they owe.
  • Did your employer shortchange your wages?
  • Did your employer withhold commissions or tips?
  • Did you sign a contract that stipulated specific issues, and your employer broke the contract by not abiding by what was promised?
  • Did you file a worker’s compensation claim after an injury sustained on the job and your employer fired you? Your employer must pay workers’ compensation every month. It is illegal for any employer to threaten, intimidate or terminate employment due to a compensation claim.
  • Did you work within intolerable working conditions and finally quit?

These cases can hold the employer accountable for compensation and may be considered as wrongful termination.

First Small Steps to Take Towards Wrongful Termination Compensation

Our main goal is to get you the compensation you deserve. We will help you to move past this wrongful termination. Some of our clients want to get their job back.

Other employees want compensation, but do not feel comfortable working for that employer again once they are fired due to wrongful termination.

You tell us what your goals are for your wrongful termination case. We will get you all the information you need about what Florida law classifies as wrongful termination. This is the first step to finding out if you may have a case.

You must collect and document all vital and relevant information to help prove your case. Keep an electronic or paper trail of all documentation of your schedules, your pay stubs, and your company’s employee policies.

If you believe that you were wrongfully terminated from your job, it is vital that you call experienced wrongful termination lawyers in Florida. Mr. Feldman is skilled at recovering compensation for those wrongfully terminated from their jobs.

We have two locations to serve your needs. Access our website for more information below and to fill out our online consultation form! The first call is a free, no-obligation call, and Mr. Feldman wants to hear your story and help you fight for the wrong done.

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