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An adoption is an amazing option for families in Pennsylvania who want to grow. The adoption process can be overwhelming, as there are many different avenues to go down. Having a full grasp and understanding of the types of adoption and laws involved is the first step in this exciting and new journey.

When adoption is shown on TV or in the movies, there is often discussion surrounding whether it will be open or closed. The differences seem to be a given, but there is a bit more that goes into both options. In an open adoption, birth parents agree to contact the adopting parents and the adopted child. On a case-to-case basis, factors like how old the child must be before contact and the method of contact that is allowed are considered. A closed adoption is as it sounds, the birth parents do not consent to contact by the family or the child. In certain cases of adoption, some records are maintained for medical purposes and can be requested.

There are certain qualifications and laws around who may adopt and when they can do so. Pennsylvania is considered one of the least restrictive states on who may adopt. Generally, any adult can adopt a child. With married couples, both spouses will have to adopt. In some cases, one spouse can give the other consent to adopt alone. Single parent adoption is becoming increasingly more common and a viable option for individuals wanting to start a family.

Pennsylvania has no restrictions around who may be adopted, meaning adults can also be adopted. As for consent, birth parents must consent to an adoption. In some cases, a child may be removed from a home and that child can be adopted without the birth parents’ consent. Any adult or child age 12 or older who is adopted must also provide consent. Termination of parental rights is required to adopt with or without the biological parents’ consent. Termination would be voluntary or involuntary.

Adoptions continue to be a great opportunity for families to grow in an amazing way. Understanding the laws and general rules of adoption before diving into the process is vital to ease the stress. Finding an experienced attorney will aid you throughout your adoption process and help navigate the different aspects of every unique case.

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