4 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for Divorce

4 mistakes to avoid when filing for divorce
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Divorce is hard enough. Between dividing your things and tension with your ex-partner, the stress of a divorce can give you tunnel vision and make you miss opportunities at securing the best divorce terms for you and your family. Here are four mistakes to watch out for when getting a divorce in Philadelphia County:

Waiting to get a lawyer till the last minute

Do not hesitate to consult a lawyer regarding your relationships standing and have a call about the next steps you should take if you are considering a divorce. It’s important to hear out the advice of an expert in family law so that you fully understand your options in regards to divorce filing procedures, alimony, and custody. It’s also critical to have a lawyer’s expertise to evaluate whether or not opposite parties are being 100% truthful regarding finances and other marital assets. A family lawyer will also keep you informed on if the deal being offered is fair or advantageous to you and your family while in negotiations.

Allowing emotions to get the best of you

The high level of emotion during the divorce process can also result in the rise of conflict and breakdown of negotiations. High emotional states make it difficult for us to make important decisions soundly. Rather than making decisions out of spite, observing the law and facts of Philadelphia County and your case will keep you and your lawyer out of the court – which generally results in a much less expensive and faster divorce process.

Not considering mediation

Working together with your spouse towards a fair settlement on most of the issues in your divorce can be extremely beneficial to both parties. Choosing mediation to resolve your divorce case can assist you in saving thousands as well as concluding the divorce more quickly. The mediation process, which involves a neutral third-party mediator, is completely voluntary. The mediator, often an experienced family lawyer, will not act as your judge or mandate any particular outcome or agreement. The method of mediation provides divorcing couples flexibility in terms of making decisions that works best for their family, compared to the traditional adversarial legal process, which involves a court trial where a Philadelphia judge makes all the decisions.

Failing to recognize your common enemy – the I.R.S.

Reach out for assistance and work together with a divorce financial planner or a tax accountant to minimize the total taxes you and your spouse will pay during separation and after divorce. It’s important to understand that both spouses are liable for taxes due as a result of audits on joint returns. Typically, it would be in your best interest to work together to minimize possible liabilities. If you’re facing complicated tax issues in your divorce, it’s best to consult with an experienced family law attorney and a local Philadelphia County accountant.

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