When Do You Need a Las Vegas Insurance Attorney?

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The insurance company agrees to cover or compensate you based on the value of the contract if you have upheld your agreement to pay premiums on time every month. You expect the insurance company will fulfill its end of the deal by paying the claim when you file it for a covered expense.

Of course, the insurance company may only benefit from paying out on some claims you or other policyholders might file. So, the company and its agents might delay the process or deny the claim altogether. Even when claims are legitimate, they might side-step the deal or pay a lower settlement than what’s allowed or provided for under the terms of the policy.


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Las Vegas insurance attorneys are experienced with the ins and outs of working with situations just like what you’re going through. They can help to ensure that you get the right outcome for your insurance claim. Whether your claim was denied, delayed, or undervalued, a knowledgeable Las Vegas insurance lawyer can help.

Reasons a Las Vegas Insurance Attorney Might Deny a Claim

Even though insurance providers may be vested in avoiding those claims, a Las Vegas insurance attorney can help you get the right results. As result-driven attorneys, we understand what you need to know and do when dealing with insurance companies.

We help you understand why the insurance company denies or avoids your claim. Then, we offer recommendations for actions you can take when your insurance company tries to deny, delay or minimize your claim. Your policy’s language is often manipulated to suit its purposes. An insurance company can claim:


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  • The policy does not cover your injuries or the damage of the event.
  • There was late payment of a premium by you.
  • Misrepresentations are being made about your injury or claim.

With the right attorneys, you’ll be able to tap into the background and years of experience in insurance law. The right attorney will help you understand why settling for denial, delay, or lower-than-allowable compensation is wrong.

How Can a Las Vegas Insurance Attorney Help?

Deficiencies in your policy’s contractual obligations may constitute bad faith by the insurance provider. When this occurs, claims are not covered, unfair practices are used when writing or selling the claims, and they do not make payments as required.

When an insurance company acts unfairly or cannot uphold its legal obligations, you don’t have to accept it. You can get help from attorneys in Las Vegas to hold them accountable and liable for those bad-faith actions. That is why our bad-faith insurance lawyers are committed to fighting for our client’s rights.

What Las Vegas Insurance Lawyers Can Do

Our dedicated Las Vegas insurance lawyers understand the frustration of filing a claim with your insurer only to be faced with an unnecessarily complex process that seems to only work in favor of the insurance provider. Our Las Vegas insurance attorneys can cut through the red tape and represent your best interests at the negotiation table, no matter what the insurance company claims.


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Attorneys seek to level the playing field, so you have what it takes to stand up to what the insurance companies are saying and doing. The best Las Vegas attorneys work to ensure you receive the full compensation you deserve.

What Are The Most Common Types of Insurance Claims?

Insurance claims in Las Vegas can be classified into a few different types. Should any of these situations arise, you may need to hire an attorney to protect your interests. Here’s a quick overview of the most common types of insurance claims you can expect:

Business Insurance

Insurance is a wise investment when protecting your livelihood and business from unfortunate events, such as being sued for premises liability. So many choose insurance because they do not want their work to be lost in a disaster. You will need the best team to help you if your insurance company refuses to pay or low-balled your claim.

Home Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance aims to protect you and your family from financial hardship. In addition to providing financial protection, if someone is injured on your property, your home insurance may cover certain damage to your house and property.

Of course, you’ll likely be adversely affected if the insurance company refuses to pay. It’s unlikely you have spare cash to pay for a new roof after a hailstorm or other covered expenses. That’s why it’s so important to pursue a claim with the help of a Las Vegas insurance lawyer. You need a positive result from your claim and your case.

Life Insurance

You might think of your life insurance policies to show love and support for those you leave behind someday. Unfortunately, insurance companies aren’t always forthcoming with the policy payout. A delay, denial, or other avoidance factors may happen at the worst time in your life, but it happens.

If your loved one’s life insurance policy isn’t paying out, you can contact lawyers in Las Vegas to ensure the process is seamless and supportive. There’s no reason to deal with one more hurdle when an experienced lawyer can take the insurance companies on and force them to process the claim promptly.

Vehicle Insurance

Protecting you and your passengers is the focus of this type of insurance. But car insurance is also required by law in most states, including Nevada. Even though it’s required, there are cases where the insurance company refuses to pay the policy claim,

When the insurance company doesn’t cover the vehicle insurance claim after an accident, you’re left with a mountain of bills. You can’t afford to take on all that financial responsibility, particularly when the insurance company has already agreed to cover those costs. The best Las Vegas insurance lawyers ensure you get the fair settlement you deserve with the support you need.

Next Step: How Do You Get Help from a Las Vegas Attorney?

We are committed to helping you rebuild your life even when you’ve experienced damage, trauma, and devastation. We work directly with the insurance company to represent your best interests, so you can focus on recovery and restoring your life.

Contact our Las Vegas insurance lawyers for help if you believe your claim is not being given the timely response it deserves. Maybe it was wrongfully denied, delayed, or simply ignored and minimized. Reach out for a free, no-obligation consultation with the insurance attorney in Las Vegas you can rely on.

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Attorney Patrick Leverty possesses nearly two decades of experience successfully representing clients. He specializes in insurance bad faith and personal injury cases. He is committed to achieving the best outcomes possible for clients who have been injured or wronged by the negligence and bad actions of others.

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