Fighting Back against Auto Insurance Claim Denials in Edmond, OK: How an Attorney Can Help

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Having auto insurance may help you feel as though you are protected after an accident and that you’ll have financial help when there’s damage to your car. Yet, there are times when an auto insurance claim can be denied. When that happens, you may be unsure what to do, especially if you have substantial repair bills waiting to be paid. In many situations, it is essential to turn to an auto insurance attorney in Edmond, OK, to provide you with guidance and to protect your rights.

Why Does an Auto Insurance Company Deny Claims?

Though every situation is unique, an auto insurance claim is just that – you are requesting that the insurance company pay a bill because your policy states they will. However, that may not be the case, or the insurance company may not want to pay out the claim for some reason.



It is critical to know that, in every claim filed with an insurance company, the ultimate goal is to pay the least amount possible. Most insurance companies will cover the damage they owe, but you have to prove to them that they do. That’s why it is important to cover your bases and have a clear, well-defined claim.

There are many potential reasons why an auto insurance claim denial can occur. Here are some of the most common.

Policy Limits

It is common for an auto insurance company to deny a claim if the property damage is more than your coverage limits. For example, if you have $10,000 worth of damage to your car but your policy only covers $5,000, that’s going to create a gap in coverage. You could be expected to pay the excess amount.


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Breaking the Law

In some situations, you will have no coverage for damages that occur as a result of your breaking the law. For example, if you were driving recklessly when the incident occurred, the insurance company may deny the claim. This can occur, for example, if you are driving under the influence of alcohol or are speeding.

Coverage Limitations

Your policy will typically have very specific types of coverage or types of incidents it will cover and those it will not. If your policy does not have coverage for a specific type of concern, then you may be without the ability to file a claim.

For example, most states require drivers to maintain liability insurance. This covers the other driver’s vehicle or property you damage. It does not cover yours. If you have collision insurance, that could provide coverage for your vehicle’s damage when you cause the accident.

If you have comprehensive auto insurance, that means you have protection from a variety of risks which may include vandalism, hail damage, or theft.


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Every policy will have restrictions and limitations. For that reason, you need to clearly read through your policy to ensure you know exactly what is covered and what is not.

If you believe that your auto insurance policy covers the losses you have, but you are still facing a denial of your claim, take action. Contact an auto insurance attorney in Edmond, OK, to learn more about your rights.

How Can You Fight Back if You Have a Denied Auto Insurance Claim?

By working with an attorney, you create an opportunity for you to learn what your rights are in the very specific situation you have. There are several steps an attorney can help you with to potentially get your denial reversed.

Gathering Evidence

Your attorney will work closely with you to better understand what occurred in the incident and how well that fits under your policy’s coverage. For example, the insurance company may claim that you were driving recklessly, and that caused the accident. An accident recreation may prove that is not the case but that the icy roadway caused the incident.

Providing Documentation

In some cases, the insurance claim will be denied if you are unable to show proof that the costs you are claiming are related to the accident. In this situation, it is essential that you show proof. That could include statements from the repair technicians and a clear receipt for what you’ve paid.

In situations related to medical costs, be very careful. Any admission to a previous injury or a denial of coverage as a result of any type of believed inconsistencies in your medical needs can lead to a denial of coverage. In this situation, you can work with your attorney to obtain medical proof of your coverage.

Policy Exclusions

There are some situations where you may not have enough coverage, or your policy may exclude the claim. Allow an auto insurance attorney to offer insight into any way around these limitations. It may be possible to work with your attorney to prove that you are owed compensation for more than one reason.

Writing a Letter of Appeal

Ultimately, once you gather information to support your claim, you will then need to write a letter of appeal. You do not have endless numbers of appeals possible. That means it is best to get it right this first time. To do that, you need to make sure it is clear that you should receive compensation for the losses. Police reports, documentation of all witness statements, information regarding your policy declarations, and other data that clearly shows that the reason for the denial is inaccurate should be provided.

Create a Legal Strategy

In some cases, you may need to head to court to pursue financial compensation after a denial. Though this is not ideal for you, it may be necessary when you have a substantial amount of debt that the insurance company is refusing to pay. Your attorney will work with you to create a legal strategy moving forward, which usually begins with trying to get the insurance company to adjust the settlement. If that does not work, they can help you file a claim in a court of law.

How Our Team Can Help You in Every Situation

Working with our auto insurance attorney in Edmonton, OK, is the best first step to take. Our team will help to eliminate risks when filing such a claim, including ensuring that you do not make a statement that puts you at fault or provide more information than you legally should.

Schedule a consultation for your auto insurance claim denial today. Contact Attorney Doug Terry to learn more about your rights and how we can help you through this legal process. Reach out to now online or call us. We do not charge fees unless we win your case.

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