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IP Customer

It’s All About That Buyer

In today’s super competitive marketplace, clients sometimes find it difficult to choose a trademark that does not encroach on someone’s established trademark turf. The client

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patent pending

Patent Pending – Am I Protected?

After a U.S patent application is filed, whether it is a provisional patent application or a nonprovisional patent application, the patent attorney is often confronted

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first name brands

Flirting With First Name Brands

We always encourage our clients to select the best possible trademarks for their products. In our intellectual property lawyer view, “best” means a mark that

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Madrid Protocol

The Madrid Protocol

Have you heard about the Madrid Protocol? Is it a new Covid-19 treatment? Is it the next Bond movie? Most know where “Madrid” is located

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foreign filing license

007 – A License to File

For most small business clients that seek a U.S. patent, commercial success in the United States alone is typically the goal. At the outset of

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trademarks that time out

Trademarks That Time Out

We are often called upon to evaluate whether a proposed brand is available as a mark for our client’s goods or services. We consider such

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Is Counterfeiting a Big Deal?

According to the International Trademark Association, the U.S. auto industry alone could employ over 200,000 additional employees if it could put counterfeiters out of business.

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IP Afterlife Prince Estate

IP Afterlife

“Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except

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