Overview of the Lemon Law Buyback Process in Dana Point, CA

There are laws to help ensure buyers get what they pay for when they buy a new car or one under warranty. These laws are called Lemon Laws, and they have specific guidelines for ensuring the dealership is accountable. If there is proof that there is a valid issue, the vehicle owner must prove that their case follows the outlined law to get recourse. It’s important to know what the Lemon Law details in Dana Point, CA, so you can navigate the process more effectively and avoid long delays with the process. Keep reading to find out what constitutes a ” lemon” and what you can do to handle the situation appropriately for the best results.

What is the Lemon Law in CA?

The Lemon Law in the state of California outlines the definition of a lemon as a vehicle that can’t be repaired after numerous attempts or “reasonable” attempts to make the necessary repairs. This law covers cars that have a manufacturer’s warranty still in place. This law also applies to military personnel who are considered full-time and on active duty and reside in the state of California even if they purchased the vehicle in another state. This law applies to both new and used cars so long as the manufacturer’s original new car warranty is still in effect.


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An instance where the Lemon Law still applies is if a car is bought new and then sold used to another party through the dealership, then the new owner would still be covered by the law until the warranty expires.

Reasonable Attempts

There may be some questions about what is reasonable when it comes to attempting to repair a vehicle. That is why the law outlines the definition of “reasonable,” so each person facing a lemon problem can determine when it’s time to take legal action. The law states that if the problem first happens within the first 18 months or 18,000 miles, it can begin the process of qualifying for Lemon Law protection.

According to the law, you must notify the manufacturer if the owner’s manual outlines that this action must be taken to qualify. Additionally, you seek repairs by the manufacturers or licensed service agents of the manufacturer, usually a certified dealership. If the car is sent for four or more repairs, it qualifies. If the problem is severe enough to cause severe injury or death, it’s two or more times, and if the car has been in the service department or repair location for over 30 days in a row and is still not fixed.


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Buyers protected under the Lemon Law who have a qualifying case must take action immediately. You must contact the manufacturer immediately for a refund for the purchase amount or a replacement vehicle. If the dealership repurchases the vehicle then tries to sell it again, it must be identified clearly as a lemon buy-back vehicle. If for some reason, the dealership fails to identify the car as a lemon, then the new owner still has the right to pursue action under the Lemon Law.

How an Attorney Can Help With Lemon Law Cases in Dana Point, CA

If you have a Lemon Law case, you need to get experienced legal representation right away. Those who hire an attorney specializing in these cases in CA will get the best results and the quickest resolution. Unfortunately, these types of cases can take a long time to resolve without the proper legal support. They can provide detailed information to the client about how the calculations for reimbursement are made for their particular situation. Additionally, they can provide insight into how much the person is entitled to get back from the manufacturer. It’s important to know that each case is different and requires the expertise and insight of an attorney who is familiar with the ins and outs of these cases.

Your attorney is essential for helping you avoid pitfalls and delays in this process. They can also help you get the appropriate documentation and submit the required forms and requests for this type of legal case. Top attorneys have a very high success rate, which is good for the client. The faster you can get your case processed and get results, the quicker you can get back to normal.

Finding the Right Attorney

Many different types of attorneys practice general law, but you want to make sure you work with a lawyer who specializes in these cases for the best results. They can take action right away to protect your rights and get the wheels of the law in motion. If you have a Lemon Law case or know someone who is currently going through a similar situation, you can turn to the Lemon Law attorneys at Neale & Fhima to get the best outcome for your individual case.


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They can begin working on your case to get results immediately, and they have a very high success rate for getting a satisfactory resolution. If you have a potential Lemon Law situation unfolding, it’s essential to get legal advice right away to know where you stand and to help you avoid making critical mistakes in the process. Knowing what to do and how to do it is the key to getting the best resolution. You’ll also prevent lengthy holdups dealing with the manufacturer or the repair process when you have an experienced legal professional helping you along the way. Now is the time to take action and find out what your rights are and how to begin working on a case to get the appropriate repairs or replacements you need to have a safe and reliable vehicle. Reach out today to get started and to schedule a consultation for services from top Lemon Law attorneys.

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