Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Houston, TX

Why So Many Motorcycle Accidents In Houston, Tx?

It only stands to reason that the larger the city is, the more accidents occur with cars, trucks, motorcycles, and pedestrians. Houston, Tx is no different than any other large city. Bigger cities show a higher risk for motorcycle accidents due to traffic congestion, the rush to get somewhere quickly, and more distractions for drivers to contend with when on the roadways.

Do you rely on your motorcycle as your primary mode of transportation? 

As a motorcycle driver, did you realize that there are unique circumstances and situations that affect you, especially in larger cities such as Houston? 

A motorcyclist and rider can wear every piece of protective equipment known in the marketplace while riding and this protective gear certainly does help protect the driver and passenger. However, the cyclist remains at the mercy of vehicles that outweigh and outsize their bike.

There remains a negative stigma in the minds of other drivers that show negative judgments and assumptions that they must share the road with motorcycles. Some drivers do not appreciate a bike on their road. Thus, these drivers show no remorse for not sharing the road with you and your motorcycle.

There are drivers of cars, trucks, RVs, and other vehicles that detest sharing the road with motorcycles and believe that these cycles should not be on the roadways. And, believe it or not, there are plenty of insurance adjusters who have the same negative feelings for motorcycles.

Motorcycle accidents fall way below reported automobile and truck accidents. However, the rate of motorcycle accidents remains all too frequent. There are common causes of motorcycle accidents in Houston, in addition to the few already mentioned. While riding, make sure that you are not the one who caused your accident by always abiding by the laws of Texas.

When you are in a motorcycle accident through no fault of their own, your insurance agents must determine your compensation. You will likely never receive a fair and just settlement. This agent may be the one that you always do business with and you consider this agent your friend. Never make the mistake of thinking that any insurance company is your friend. All insurance companies have one major thing in common; they are in business to make money off your premium payments. No company likes giving you any more money than they absolutely must, even if the accident was not your fault.

Common Reasons for Motorcycle Accidents

  •  You are in an accident while riding your bike because some other driver failed to give you the right of way. Like so many other motorcyclists, you may not take advantage of all the protective gear available to you when riding. Thus, if you are involved in an accident with another vehicle, your injuries may be more severe. Your injuries, if severe, can significantly impact you, your family, your quality of life, and your overall wellbeing.
  • The stigma can be strong against you as a motorcyclist by another driver.
  • A motorcyclist and any other driver on the road can become distracted and cause an accident.
  • Sudden lane changes
  • Failure of a motorcyclist or other driver to use the proper signals when turning.
  • Approaching an intersection
  • Running a red light or a stop sign intentionally or unintentionally
  • Driving while sleepy or fatigued. (some states consider this negligence)
  • Driving while under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Showing aggressive behavior or road rage while behind the wheel of any vehicle
  • Driving defective vehicles
  • Poor road conditions such as potholes, uneven roadways, low shoulders, blind curves, cracks in the road’s surface.

If you own and ride a motorcycle, abide by all the laws like every other driver you share the road with, and practice safety at all costs. We cannot stress to you enough to protect your body with the appropriate gear when riding and abide by the laws of Texas.

We believe that too many drivers on the road do not like sharing the road with motorcycles. Thus, they carry a negative attitude when there are motorcycles around them and these drivers may not use common courtesies or abide by the law causing you an accident. We also believe that a motorcyclist is frequently not given a fair and just settlement when accidents occur.

Our goal is to make sure that you get fair compensation in an accident that was not your fault. We investigate all aspects of your case and will only take your case if we strongly feel we can win a just settlement for you.

A Call to Action for Motorcycle Accident Compensation

We work tirelessly to prosecute negligent drivers who were at fault for causing your accident. This accident brings with it a mound of unexpected expenses. Allow us to calculate past, present, and future costs to you for another driver’s mistake.

Why should you have to pay for these mounting expenses when some other driver caused your accident?

Call these seasoned, skilled, and experienced Houston motorcycle accident attorneys today or as soon as possible after your accident so we can look at the circumstances of your compensation claim. This is a free, no-obligation call. Allow us to take the work and worry off your shoulders, so all you have to do is get well and heal.

Bikers frequently do not know that they have the right to take legal action against a negligent driver. Never feel guilty or sorry for the other person whose mistake cost you a tremendous amount of money and possibly your lifestyle.

You must not fight the judicial system, insurance companies, negligent drivers, and their attorneys alone because you will never win. Call us today so we can advocate and support your claim for a fair settlement.

Your financial future is at stake.

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