How Do Truck Accidents Differ from Car Accidents in Houston?

The Danger of Houston’s Roadways

Those who live and work in and around Houston, Texas, will tell you that the roads are full of distracted drivers and obstacles that demand their full attention. No driver can afford to take their eyes off the road for a second lest they cause an accident or are involved in an accident that has already happened, whether the accident is a minor fender bender or a major fatal crash. Houston drivers know that every time they take Texas’ roadways, there are untold dangers.

Most car and truck accidents are due to negligence, unsafe practices, and recklessness of a driver. Every day, drivers and their occupants are injured or killed on Houston roads due to the other person’s negligence. Most states recognize that the person at fault in a car accident must pay the person’s expenses (s) they injured.

Negligent car and truck crashes can inconvenience you for a few days or the rest of your life. You need to receive some justice and compensation for another person’s careless mistake.

  • A car accident usually involves two people, the drivers of each car.
  • There is a different set of laws for car drivers versus truck drivers.
  • A truck accident can involve a multitude of people.

Truck Accidents

Truckers must abide by strict rules and regulations, or they lose their job.

While there may be many more car accidents on Houston’s roads, Houston has its share of truck to truck or truck to car accidents. The differences are that a truck like a semi or an 18-wheeler presents a higher degree of danger. The injuries sustained in a truck accident can be more serious.

The differences between a car and a truck accident go beyond the type of vehicle involved. There are legal differences. Trucks are subject to a different set of laws, safety rules, and strict regulations that are unique only to truckers. While it is imperative to hire a seasoned attorney whose expertise is negligent injuries and death due to car accidents, it is even more essential to have an attorney fight for your rights if you are involved in a car or truck accident.

Differences Between Truck and Car Accidents

  • The degree of danger involved in a truck accident
  • Trucks outweigh cars. There are more pounds behind the driver, which the driver of a truck must handle to operate their vehicle correctly. A truck driver must have a severe skill set to run a machine of this size. A truck must have a higher degree of braking power due to the weight behind the driver. The driver must be prepared for more braking distance. A trucker must have a more significant reaction time and realize what could happen in certain situations.
  • Truckers must submit to periodic background checks in addition to alcohol and drug testing.
  • Truckers cannot drive their truck for over eight hours per day.
  • These rules and regulations establish the truck’s liability, the driver, and the company if they are involved in an accident.
  • The risk for severity of injuries increases for truck accidents, as does the amount of compensation due to the victim.
  • There are many more entities involved when a truck accident occurs. The circumstances can be more complex and complicated. Truck accidents can affect the driver and the company, the truck manufacturers, suppliers, truck part retailers, and more, depending on the circumstances.

While both car drivers and truck drivers must abide by the same laws of the road, each is treated differently in the event of an accident. Your accident injury attorney can determine what legal options are available for you related to your situation.

The best option for all drivers is to be ever mindful of the road by keeping their eyes on the road to avoid an accident. All drivers must drive safely and respect those drivers who share the road.

The Path that Our Seasoned Legal Attorneys Take

  • We will examine and investigate your accident thoroughly.
  • We assess your damages and calculate present and future expenses. Sometimes these expenses reach hundreds of thousands of dollars due to medical bills, loss of wages, property damage, pain, suffering, and much more.
  • We demand payment from the other driver’s insurance company. Know that insurance companies try to blame the victim so that they do not have to pay or pay very little.
  • We negotiate hard for maximum compensation for you.
  • We frequently see that insurance companies do not want to deal, so we end up going to court. We are seasoned fighters for your rights as a victim.
  • We remain by your side from the beginning to the end of your claim.
  • Never apologize to anyone for this accident and never admit fault when it is very well not your fault. In the eyes of the law, these comments make it sound like you caused the accident. Words like this can harm your compensation claim.

It would be best if you remembered that the insurance agent you have dealt with for years and considered a friend is not your friend. They work for a company that does not want to pay any more money to you than absolutely possible.

Accident Injuries and Death Need the Attention of a Seasoned Attorney

When you are involved in an accident,

  • It is vital to call 9-1-1 for help.
  • Get medical help.
  • Document all you can about the accident and get photos of the accident site. If you are not able to do this, assign another person to do this for you.

Please give our seasoned attorneys a call if you were involved in a truck accident. If you cannot come to us, we will set up a convenient time for you and come to you.

Access our website below and fill out the contact form. We will get back to you immediately. We have an impressive winning record for compensation won by our victims of car and truck accidents.

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