What Can Workers Compensation Help Pay for in Macon, Georgia?

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Workers’ Compensation is designed to cover workers injured in the workplace and cannot attend their job until released from the doctor. It is insurance that the work sector pays for the employee to cover a portion of their salary, medical treatments, and rehabilitation to get back on their path to everyday living. Unfortunately, the employer or the Workers’ Comp insurance benefits may get denied from the worker. It takes Macon’s experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney David Mann to fight for the proper compensation and the rights of his clients. Once the situation is assessed, a claim can be filed to go after the insurance and possibly the company when violations have occurred.

What Are the Benefits of Workers’ Compensation?

The worker or the employer never plans injuries, but negligence happens every day in the workplace that causes injuries and death in some worse cases. The injured party may experience health or physical issues that may limit mobility, so medical treatment is at the forefront of the agenda to get the worker back to work.

With that being said, the sooner the worker can get back to work, the faster the full compensation of their salary will be returned. Workers’ compensation only pays 2/3 of what the worker makes after the sick days and vacation days have been exhausted from the place of employment.

It will also take rehabilitation to get the worker back at 100 percent to become fit for duty again in many situations. The costs rise for more visits, so the Workers’ Comp insurance must cover the cost or else.

Medical Treatment

The medical treatment depends on the extent of the injury. Sometimes hospital stays and surgeries are required, and these medical costs can rise into hundreds of thousands of dollars in the worst-case scenarios. The standard treatments include hospital stay, medicine, doctor bills, X-rays and radiology bills, and laboratory tests for blood work and other tests.

Everyone knows hospitals are not cheap, so the cost per day tallied up will leave the injured employee responsible for the bill if Workers’ Comp denies or only pays a portion of the bills. This mishap needs to go to an attorney who can fight the insurance companies and make them pay their proper responsibilities. In the end, these are insurance companies, and they try to find ways to cut corners at the injured employee’s expense.

Financial Compensation

The whole point of going to work is to collect money to pay bills, eat, and recreation. Work-related injuries can disturb an employee’s way of life, causing the bills to rise and the income to drop. It is required that Workers’ Compensation pays no less than 2/3 of the worker’s salary throughout the entire duration of the worker being out of work.

Only the company’s doctor of their choice can release the worker back to full or light duty. It is essential to understand that the worker’s pay does not change whether it is full or light duty. But while the worker is out, they need their income to live, and Workers’ Compensation attorneys will make them pay.

Once again, this is an insurance company the worker is dealing with, and there are times when the workers’ pay is completely interrupted if the Workers’ Comp does not meet their legal obligation of 2/3 payment. Payments start the day after all vacation and sick days are used up and end when the doctor fully releases the worker to go back to work.

Rehabilitation and the Road Back to Work

Workers’ Compensation insurance also covers rehabilitation costs. Rehabilitation is a critical part of the recovery process to pull the worker back to normal physical health. How long is undetermined, but the doctor is the only one who has a say so in the matter. Workers’ Compensation tries to cut out the funding for rehabilitation more than any other form of treatment.

In a sense, it cuts their throat because rehab is proven to speed up the process for the worker to get back to work. If they see it fit, they will allow it, but they will try to get out of funding the bill if they find a loophole. This is where your attorney can fight them because you have to get back up to par.

Fight for Your Rights

Getting an attorney can be intimidating to the employer. It is important to remember that the worker is out to fight for their rights, so they are not caught with the bill or a portion of it. They are simply looking out for their health to get back to work.


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