Jake Hinkins

Jake Hinkins

Litigator Jake Hinkins was encouraged to attend law school while serving on an LDS mission. “I enrolled in a business law course and loved it,” he said. Throughout law school, Hinkins still seriously considered remaining in the business world. After clerking and working in a civil clinic, however, he became enamored with the practice of law and the strategy involved in litigation.

Today, Hinkins has his own boutique litigation firm, Anderson Hinkins LLC. “We enjoy being in the courtroom,” he said, “fighting zealously for our clients.” After he launched the firm in 2009, he became very focused on personal injury and business cases. “I soon realized the aspect I enjoyed most was litigation,” he said. “So, I expanded my practice and hired additional attorneys.”


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The firm focuses on bankruptcy, business, criminal, family, personal injury, probate and workers’ compensation litigation.

With a host of mentors, including, David Allred, McKette Allred, Jeff Gooch, Rich Humpherys, Tim Lewis, David Olsen, Kevin Ruser, Derek Snow and Mark Tanner, Hinkins knows that he wouldn’t be practicing in his own firm without them and many others who have helped him along the way. Of particular importance was the constant encouragement of his family members who have always made him feel like he could accomplish anything.

While working at an insurance defense firm, Hinkins drafted a summary judgment motion in a case where the client had already offered a significant six-figure settlement. After being granted summary judgment, Hinkins recalled, “I remember thinking winning that motion was a fairly big deal. Their response, however, was fairly nonchalant and the client saw it as business as usual.”


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It was that case that encouraged Hinkins to represent individuals and small to midsize businesses. “I want to be able to interact personally with my clients,” he said. And, in his practice, he has the pleasure of working closely with his clients. “I’m committed to creating a law firm that provides excellent legal service and a flexible work atmosphere for my employees,” he said.

In looking to the legal industry as a whole, Hinkins notes that he appreciates the judges who follow the letter of the law. “I believe most of our judges really try to do that, but it is frustrating when a judge takes an outcome determinative approach and does not necessarily apply the law before a decision is reached,” he said.

“I also believe our justice system and society at large would benefit greatly by utilizing a family law court, with family law judges, which could streamline decisions that have such a personal and direct impact on families.”

As Hinkins and his firm prepare for 2015, he is excited to share that they now have attorneys in the firm who are licensed in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska. This will allow the firm to expand into those states. “I will also be offering mediation services in the near future,” he said. “I’m excited to approach law as a mediator. I think it will be a great opportunity to interact with attorneys in a different capacity.”


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Outside of the office, Hinkins spends time with family and serving his community and church. “We spend the summer boating and hiking and take to the slopes in the winter,” he said. “I’m an avid outdoorsman and recently took a Boone & Crockett Moose.”

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