Krisi Kastl: 'Persevering in Pink'

By Dan Baldwin

“Persevering in Pink is my approach to practicing law. The pink castle in our logo lets people know how to pronounce my last name and is a symbol that stands out as a female-led firm in a male-dominated profession,” says Krisi Kastl of Kastl Law, P.C.

Generally, men stay away from pink when choosing a color scheme to represent their firm. Kastl Law, P.C. champions pink. For Krisi Kastl and her team, Persevering in Pink represents women’s power to persevere in times of adversity. At Kastl Law, P.C. the firm is well-equipped to help clients in troubled times.

“Our clients are able to embrace a woman who is educated, experienced and dedicated to advocating for her clients in tough environments,” Kastl says.

Kastl Law launched in 2006 and has grown from a one-woman office to a business with 30 employees. She and her team have worked on more than 6200 cases, served more than 5000 clients, and earned more than 100 awards. The firm’s practice areas are car crashes and truck wrecks, industrial accidents, slip and fall injuries, catastrophic and brain injuries, and premises liability accidents.

Before taking the bold step of opening her firm, Kastl knew being a tough attorney in tough situations is enhanced by her female perspective. That is her approach to her clients, her firm, and the law.

“I decided I was going to embrace my femininity and treat our clients and my employees like I would want to be treated. I’m going to wear pink and I’m going to be bold,” she said.

I’m going to wear pink and I’m going to be bold.

Our Stories Matter

Family values are important to Kastl. As a law student, she was involved in a rollover collision. Tragically, three years later, another automobile crash killed her younger brother. The two events brought the direction of her legal career into sharp focus.

“We battled with the insurance company every step of the way. They never paid us what they should have paid. The way they treated me, my family, and my friends made me think that somebody needs to stand up to make this process easier and correct the injustice for the harms and losses for those who have suffered.”

Relating the story of her brother’s death and her struggles with insurance companies creates an empathetic bond with her clients. “I treat my clients like family. I relate and speak to them just as I would a member of my family. You have to be able to tell people that even though they’re going through a challenging time, they will get through it. My personal experiences allow me to be real. I’m living proof you can get through the tough times.”

A Family Business

Kastl’s devotion to family springs from her childhood. She grew up in a show business family – a state fair game and carnival ride business that traveled the country. Those experiences reinforced the importance of family cohesion, a great work ethic, and became an essential element in how she approached her clients and her business.

Traveling across the country to different state fair locations is traveling within a self-contained community – an extended family. Members interact with a variety of people in different cultures and parts of the country. That experience has proven to be one of the building blocks in the growth of Kastl as a person, an attorney, and as a business owner.

Kastl’s clients are genuinely considered a part of her legal family. “That’s our business philosophy; it’s not just ‘show,’” she says.

The Power of Pink

Kastl was motivated to start Kastl Law when she realized that she wouldn’t get equal pay for equal work. That proved especially true in the personal injury fi eld. She wanted to create a firm whose brand stood out. Black clothing, which is often the “uniform” of an attorney is slimming but she embraced the power of the color pink. Persevering in Pink is her unique brand.

“When I walk into court, my pink wardrobe may initially spark attention, but my presentation secures it.” She is a powerful female attorney who is dedicated to seeking justice for her clients. 

Kastl is a firm believer in the power of diversity and cultivates a diverse working environment. Her husband, Sean Sullivan, is the COO of Kastl Law P.C., and a huge supporter of Kastl. Their team members are fluent in Spanish and Vietnamese.

The attorneys and staff are primarily female. Empowering women is a driving force in Kastl’s life. “I’ve had to consistently prove that I am as good or better than my male counterparts. I recognize the value of a strong support system. I am a promoter and supporter of women, and of those who have been injured through no fault of their own. I know how to support my clients by looking at the issues, drafting petitions and responding to a motion for summary judgment. My client’s stories are the heart of my practice.”

Kastl believes firmly that female attorneys have a definite advantage in dealing with judges, other attorneys, companies, organizations, and clients. “Women are empathetic and passionate and have the innate ability to put themselves in the client’s shoes. That strength is echoed in the Kastl Law, P.C. team. They work diligently to make sure every client has the trust and knowledge their lawyer is a friend who will go the extra mile,” she says.

“Being a great trial attorney isn’t about the attorney, it’s about the client and knowing how to empower the client to tell their story. I win because I know the law and I know people. I’ve stood in their shoes and I’m willing to fight for them.”

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