Michael Faith: Continuing A Tradition of Excellence

Michael Faith

Michael Faith is one of those rarities; not only native-born but, third generation West Valley Arizonian. Unlike millions of transplants who’ve discovered this desert oasis, Faith enjoys deep family, social and business ties to our community. He grew up watching both his grandfather and father build homes and commercial centers to accommodate the ever-expanding population.

“My great-grandfather migrated to the West Valley from Texas during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s and our family has remained in the West Valley ever since,” says Faith. “The West Valley is truly home.”

Faith’s involvement with the law firm began at an early age. As a teenager he recalls summer jobs cleaning the office and sealing the parking lot. Today, he is the chairman of the management committee of Faith, Ledyard & Faith PLC, the largest full-service law firm in the West Valley.

Once Faith began practicing law, he began gravitating toward real estate law. “I’ve always been drawn towards real estate,” he says. Which is not too surprising, having witnessed the success that both senior Faith men have had in helping to build this thriving metropolis.

Soon Faith began exploring our dynamic Arizona real estate market and had in fact acquired his real estate license. As a real estate agent and active real estate investor, Faith has found tremendous satisfaction bringing this knowledge and plethora of skills to his practice. Not just an attorney who has just happens to have studied the industry, he’s an active and very savvy participant.

“I’ve found as a real estate agent, I’m easily able to relate to the agents and brokers I represent, and I am also able to clearly see when an agent or broker needs direction,” says Faith. “As an investor and landlord, I’m able to relate to my clients on a more personal level. Instead of advising my clients on how I would handle a situation, I advise my clients on how I personally handle similar situations.”


Paul J. Faith founded the law firm in 1979 and has built it into the largest full-service law firm in the West Valley. Over the years, residents of this valley have come to know and trust them and recognize the many contributions both the Faith family and the firm have made to this community.

Over the years Faith, Ledyard & Faith has earned a reputation for delivering quality solutions through superior service to clients while making it their mission to serve their clients’ needs at a reasonable price while maintaining lasting relationships.

Staid is often equated with longevity but that is certainly not the case here. While clients continue to benefit from the accumulated years of experience, knowledge and wisdom of this 40-year-old firm, younger associates and partners continue to infuse the team with fresh blood and new ideas. It’s a perfect blending of old and new; tradition and innovation.

As Managing Partner, Faith deftly implements his own unique talents, enthusiasm and business acumen. His admiration for his father Paul, founder of the firm, is apparent and refreshingly candid.

“Growing up I was always very interested in my dad’s work,” he says, “and have always had the utmost respect for not only his intelligence and what a great attorney he is, but also because his compassion for his client.

“I meet people all the time who want to tell me how my dad helped them and how much they respect him,” he continues.

“Whenever I’m favorably compared to my dad I’m very flattered.”

“I intend to continue our firm’s tradition of providing competent, quality, effective representation for at least another 30 years,” he vows.


Now with his own family, Faith and his wife Gina are raising their two children, 6-year-old Christopher and 4-year-old Sophia within five minutes of his childhood home.

Perhaps replicating his own father’s involvement with him and his siblings, Faith is a very hands-on dad. Yet he professes that circumstances have worked in his favor to help maintain a healthy balance between work and family.

“I’m lucky in that I only live about eight minutes from our office,” says Faith. “It’s amazing how much more you can get done when you don’t travel an hour to two to work each day.”

“I enjoy coaching, especially for my kid’s teams. Also, I’m a member of the West Valley Mavericks, a non-profit group that raises money for charities that support underprivileged youth in the West Valley,” he continues. “We raised about $350,000 last year for charities. We have three or four major fundraising events every year.”

In addition to his homelife and philanthropic activities, Faith is also heavily involved in helping to shape and develop his hometown. Serving both as a commissioner on the Planning and Zoning Commission for the City of Litchfield Park and a board member of the city’s Industrial Development Authority, Faith is actively contributing to its successful growth and development.

Right now, Faith is focused on continuing to preserve and build upon the foundation his father created, but if history has taught him anything it’s that this is a family affair.

“…and who knows, maybe Christopher and Sophia will continue forward with the firm 40 years after I retire…” he says with a smile.

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