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Samantha C. Joseph
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Samantha C. Joseph

Samantha C. Joseph developed her passion for real estate at an early age while working alongside her parents, Harold and Jean.

“My father was a general contractor and my mother helped him manage the business,” said Joseph. “At an early age, I witnessed my parents transform properties for young families.

Joseph earned her Juris Doctor at Florida Coastal School of Law, where her honors included a Pro Bono Honors Certificate and a Governor’s Scholarship

Family Lessons Learned in Real Estate

Samantha Joseph handles residential real estate closings for high-end homes and commercial real estate. Joseph’s practice also includes filing probate cases. “It is wonderful to see an heir receive proceeds from a loved one and it can be life changing,” she said.

Her parents, Harold, and Jean are from Trinidad, a small island in the Caribbean.  They moved to the U.S. in 1978 to raise a family and eventually settled in Florida.

“My parents introduced me to real estate. They were real estate investors and property managers,” said Joseph.  “I was always working alongside them looking at foreclosures, remodeling houses and getting them ready for resales.  My father would show me his books, I would track his transactions, and he would explain everything to me.  We had desks side-by-side. The experience helped to develop my love of real estate and just business quite frankly.”

Another lesson Joseph learned from her parents is that the real estate industry is dependable.  “I witnessed the cyclic fluctuations of the market but most importantly, I saw the buying of a house; it’s foreclosure, and its resale.”

One of the most important lessons Joseph learned from her parents was to never get too attached to a particular property. “Both of my parents saw real estate as a business and told me never to get too emotionally attached to a house. I remember not wanting to sell my very first condominium purchase because I just loved it too much and my father told me never, ever get emotionally tied to real estate,” said Joseph.

Brokers Go-To Title Attorney

“I want real estate and mortgage brokers to know I am their go-to attorney. I consider myself a partner, and a trusted resource for brokers, buyers, and sellers as they navigate the process of buying and or selling a home,” said Joseph.

With a comprehensive, 360-degree view of real estate, Joseph has a collaborative edge.  Samantha has worked for a builder as a sales associate, currently is title attorney issuing title insurance, and she has also worked for a foreclosure defense law firm in  Jacksonville. Armed with this solid foundation, she has built the Law Office of Samantha C. Joseph PLLC in 2016 to concentrate in property law.

“I have an edge during a closing because I am not your average escrow officer. I have been on the negotiating side and I have enjoyed all aspects of the closing spectrum- from contract to close. I especially enjoy getting all parties to the closing table.  I feel like I understand each aspect of the real estate process personally. I can prevent fires and put out fires because I have been in the situation before and I have the skills and knowledge to help my clients navigate successfully through the process.” said Joseph.

In the current hypercharged housing market, her extensive experience can be crucial for clients.

“It’s better to be proactive than reactive because things happen so quickly,” explained Joseph.

“I want a broker to know that it does not cost anything extra to have an experienced title attorney like myself at the closing table. I can identify, solve, react and be proactive much differently than an average escrow officer who might have a different level of expertise and training,” said Joseph. “I want brokers to know that you are better off finding a trusted attorney you can call on the weekend and off hours because It can be the difference between that broker getting the sale, knowing they have backup behind them.

Paying it Forward for the Next Generation

Joseph was a certified tax preparer for the U.S. Department of the Treasury in Jacksonville.   Through the United Way and AARP, she has volunteered since 2012, preparing taxes for people who cannot afford simple tax preparation.

“I just love the feeling of being helpful,” said Joseph.  “Clients are so thankful and appreciative and it really motivates me.”

She also is a volunteer with the Pace Center for Girls/Jacksonville in Duval County, which has served over 3,000 girls through three distinct components – academic, social services, and transition services.

“I am a woman and I feel fortunate to have the support system that I have. I know that there are a ton of women that, for whatever reason are not as fortunate as I am and they  do not have a strong support system.  These types of women can find themselves in different negative situations needlessly,” explained Joseph. “I feel like it just takes one person running across your path that says you can do it and you’re better than this to make an indelible mark.   I feel like I can provide girls with a blueprint by saying this is what I did to inspire them to start from the bottom and work their way up. I was actually a receptionist at a title company when I was studying for the bar exam. I tell everyone I meet that knowledge is power.”

And ultimately, the theme “knowledge is power” is at the core of Joseph’s real estate law practice.

“I love real estate closings because once we are done, there are two parties – the buyer and seller – that are so happy,” said Joseph.  “The seller is happy to part ways with the property, and the buyer is happy to be in the property. Both parties are ready to start their new journeys.” It is an addicting feeling.”

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