Steven Bush: Tackling the Goliaths of Insurance

By Susan Cushing

Attorney Steven Bush was in the trenches serving as a certified indoor environmentalist in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. As a first-hand witness to the destruction and devastation, Bush was especially enraged at how the policyholders were either ignored or stalled by their insurance companies.

“I saw people just devastated with no help,” he says. “They have no voice with the insurance companies. I’ve never forgotten that. I was on ground zero and talked with these people and saw how their lives were in many ways as destroyed as their properties.”

So moved by these scenes that repeated over and over, Bush was inspired to step up and find a way to help. It was this impetus that led him to law school.

“The insurance companies were either delaying or denying them,” he adds, “and I couldn’t forget or ignore what I’d experienced. I share these stories every day with the attorneys in my office. I don’t want any of us to forget who we’re fighting for and how desperate their situations are.”

I was on ground zero and talked with these people and saw how their lives were in many ways as destroyed as their properties.


Bush Law Group

Facing huge insurance companies bolstered by deep pockets and limitless resources, Bush describes his encounters as David and Goliath situations. Despite the disparity, he, and his powerhouse team of attorneys, consistently prevail delivering the monetary compensation due their clients. Not surprisingly, the mid-size firm has grown dramatically over the past few years.

“The growth has come because we fight for what is right,” he says, “and we put the client before everything else. We care about indemnifying the client. I was once told, ‘If you focus on doing right by the client, everything else will fall into place,’ and I’ve tried to lead by that philosophy. I believe that’s why our growth has exploded the way it has.”

Leading by example, Bush also prompts his team daily by encouraging them to, “Be great, not just good.”

More than mere words, The Bush Law Group is comprised of like-minded attorneys and legal professionals who sincerely believe in fighting for their clients and appreciate the often-unbearable situations these people are in waiting and hoping to be treated fairly by their insurance providers.
Describing themselves as a first-party property law firm dedicated to serving policyholders in their time of need, they strive to be the voice of certainty in uncertain times. They do this by providing excellent legal representation, compassion and understanding.

Specializing and focusing on this specific area of the law, when dealing with big insurance companies, Bush and his team know that it’s crucial that the policyholder has a knowledgeable, committed attorney by their side and defending their rights. The firm is comprised of attorneys equipped and licensed to represent homeowners, property managers, and business owners in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Louisiana, Kentucky and West Virginia.

“Wherever the location might be, our attorneys are prepared to defend our clients against the insurance companies and strive to ensure that each client receives an honest, fair settlement,” says Bush.

It’s not worth it to just take the insurer’s word for it if you feel they’re not acting in your best interest.


Bush explains that they frequently field phone calls from home or business owners who aren’t even sure that they have a case against their insurance company.

“Typically, these people have already experienced the frustration of not being able to reach their adjuster or suffering delay after delay,” he explains. “So, finally when they do receive a check or an explanation of the amount of the check that’s coming, they are already worn down. Even though they know the amount is far from fair and certainly will not cover their loss, they are unsure about even questioning a big insurance company. They might feel intimidated or worried that if they pursue a fair amount, they might be left empty-handed.

“We will advise them that it might be hard to make this determination on their own,” he continues. “We’ll tell them that if they feel the company’s reasoning for denial or underpayment is vague or unsupported, it might be time to seek legal counsel. It’s not worth it to just take the insurer’s word for it if you feel they’re not acting in your best interest.”

According to Bush, the repeated delays are usually a tactic used by insurance companies and very effective at stirring frustration and uncertainty in the insured about their legal rights.

“We’re often asked how long they have to file a suit,” he says. “It’s in the client’s best interest to act sooner rather than later. The statute of limitations to file suit on a property insurance claim varies from state to state. If they feel they are purposely being delayed or ignored by the insurance company, it’s time to seek legal counsel.”


Named Law Firm of the Year, Bush and his team are nationally recognized as the leading experts in representing insured parties. This industry award was voted upon by those in the industry and from across the nation. An honor to be sure, but also an indication of how highly Bush is regarded by his peers.

“It’s a great honor,” Bush acknowledges, “but again, I believe the reason we won that award is because of the commitment and dedication to indemnifying the policyholders and putting them first. It’s also important that we have such a collaborative office with attorneys who all have different strengths coming together to support one another and do what’s right for the client.”

Not surprisingly, Bush is frequently asked to speak before various professional groups across the country. In fact, he’s so much in demand, that he’s begun putting videos of various talks on his website. There is also information about where he will next be appearing.

Very active with legal organizations, Bush is a founding board member of the Florida Policyholders Cooperative and on the board of governors for the Federal Association for Insurance Reform (FAIR).

With regards to the future, Bush says he tries to stay positive and appreciates the numerous calls and letters he receives from clients thanking him, but that his job is getting harder every day.

“It seems the insurance companies are denying even small claims,” he says. “Going back to the David and Goliath reference, with the current narrative that’s out there, our stones are getting smaller and smaller. It’s becoming harder and harder to litigate these things because the insurance companies have all the money. And the narrative they put forth to the courts is not a true narrative and they are litigating the smallest claims to the max.”

Not to be discouraged, he adds, “We just have to work that much harder and bring bigger stones with us.”


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