Suzanne Remington: A Formidable Adversary & Passionate Advocate

Navigating the intricate web of family dynamics requires not just legal expertise, but a deep understanding of the delicate threads that bind us together. In the realm of family law, where emotions run high and futures hang in the balance, one name stands out as both a compassionate guide and a formidable advocate – Suzanne Remington, a partner at Hellmuth & Johnson.

With an unwavering commitment to justice and a keen insight into the intricacies of human relationships, Remington has proven time and again that she is not just a family law attorney, but a steadfast ally for those seeking resolution in the stormiest of times.


Ever the Scholar

Remington’s interest in the law was sparked and nurtured early. Her fascination ignited during her time in an honors English class in high school taught by an engaging teacher who herself, was attending law school at night.

“She was a wonderful teacher and my interest in the law never subsided but rather continued to grow,” she says. “I have three siblings and the one thing our parents instilled in all of us was the importance of education. My twin sister and I always loved school.”

In high school, Remington was drawn to the science and math classes, where she excelled. So, it came as a surprise to one science teacher, when Remington made the announcement that science was not in fact where she planned to build a career.

“I remember so clearly,” she says. “I was handing in a final exam and told her, ‘This will probably be the last science exam I’m ever going to take,’ and she was stunned. I told her I was going to law school. She was heartbroken.”

And so, the die was cast. Ever the scholar, Remington breezed through her undergraduate studies at Indiana University and then entered Loyola University Chicago School of Law. Like many new law students, Remington had not set her sights on any area of the law.

“Family law was not even on my radar,” she says, “I was a criminal justice major in undergrad and a history minor. My focus was on justice, thinking maybe the county attorney’s office, other government positions, or even teaching. I was going to save the world.”

That is until she met a boy. Not just ‘a boy’ but the boy who would become her spouse, and then former spouse. This is where she gets the great attorney name Remington, it is spelled just like the shotgun with only one “m”.

A U-Turn for Love

“Bill was in my sister’s medical school class and had already gone through the match process for his medical residency and was going to Mayo in Rochester,” she explains with a smile. “We fell in love, got married. We moved to Rochester, so I had to take the bar again. It’s funny how life works because thanks to this change in plans I ended up exactly where I am supposed to be.”

Here Remington is quick to point out that while she’s definitely a feminist, she’s also pragmatic. Bill’s residency was in Rochester, and she knew she could practice law anywhere. Upon arriving in her new hometown, Remington picked up a phone book (remember those?) and started flipping through the attorney’s section.

“There was no chance for an outsider like me to get a government job and at that time there were no paid nonprofit positions,” she recalls. “I came upon the section on family law and thought, hmmm, it’s people, I’m all about people and I need a relationship with my clients. You’re in the court room but not litigating everything, you’re mediating, you’re drafting complex agreements. You are in district court and can go to the court of appeals. I thought it sounded perfect. It’s crazy, but that’s how I found my calling by looking in a phonebook. That’s truly what it is for me, a calling.”

More than 30 years later family law has proven not only a great fit for her, but Remington’s clients have benefitted from her strong work ethic, her compassion, and exceptional legal prowess.

She has presented her expertise before the Minnesota Supreme Court and has made multiple appearances before the Minnesota Court of Appeals. She holds a substantial record of litigating various cases before district court judges in both metropolitan and outstate regions. Furthermore, Remington is a regular speaker and educator, covering subjects such as financial early neutral evaluation, the latest child support regulations, and proficient practices for marital dissolution. Her qualifications extend to completing certified mediation training, earning her the designation of a Qualified Neutral under Rule 114. She recently joined the Court of Appeals Mediation Program.

It’s crazy, but that’s how I found my calling by looking in a phonebook. That’s truly what it is for me, a calling."

Full Circle

The Hellmuth & Johnson Family Law Team: Samantha Graf, Brian Chmielewski, Suzanne Remington, Jon Engel, Mary Rannells Rowan

“Early in my career, when I relocated to the Twin Cities from Rochester, I had six years of experience but no clients,” says Remington. “I started out at the bottom. Minnesota can be a hard place to break into for an outsider because it seems everyone knows one another from birth. And I’m the first to admit, I’m not Minnesota nice. I’m not passive aggressive. I’m very outspoken and I even tell my clients upon first meeting them, ‘You should know this about me, I’m not from Minnesota, I am from Chicago. You’ll never be confused about what I’m thinking or what I want from you.’

“I have been teased by my colleagues about the number of firms I have worked at. I don’t think of it as a negative because I have worked with some of the very best family law attorneys in the Twin Cities.”

Hellmuth & Johnson was Remington’s second job in the Twin Cities. At that time, the firm only had about 10 attorneys. She had been making a long commute and had heard good things about the firm, so she joined. She was only the second female attorney on staff.

“Now, there are close to 20 female attorneys, but who’s counting?” she says.

Remington happily made the move and worked there for a while, but her career was not progressing as she had hoped.

“At that time Hellmuth & Johnson was a young, growing firm, and I was the only family law practitioner,” she says. “So, when I got a call from one of the best practitioners in the business in a boutique, all family law attorney firm, inviting me to join them I said yes. It was the best thing for me at that time. I had nothing bad to say about H&J, it’s just that I felt I really needed to get out there and be known.”

As though fate was guiding her, Remington came full circle.

After moving firms, gaining experience and visibility, she opened her own practice in Edina where she stayed for about 10 years. “During COVID, I got a call from Chad Johnson, H&J’s managing partner. He said they were starting up a family law department again and had the names of some possible candidates to run by me. Well, long story short, I returned to H&J. The timing was finally right, everything came together. Hellmuth & Johnson feels like home, and I said to myself, ‘This is where I want to retire.’”

Under Remington’s leadership, the Hellmuth & Johnson family law team has expanded to five attorneys (soon to be six) and two paralegals, with no plans to slow down. “I could not be more pleased with how the department has grown in the past two years,” Remington says. “With the strength and caliber of the attorneys we now have, the future is exciting for both our team and the firm.”

In the Saddle

With a career as demanding as hers, Remington has discovered the perfect antidote. She and her husband, Dave Curtis, are avid horse lovers and enjoy nothing more than spending time with their beloved family (5 horses, 1 donkey, 3 dogs and chickens).

“I didn’t grow up around horses,” she says, “and it’s very interesting to take up riding in your 50s, but I absolutely love it. You learn a lot about yourself and human nature. It has made me become more patient, which has not been my strong suit. Before retiring with Dave to ride our horses on a 20-acre ranch in Wyoming, my hope is to build a strong family law department at Hellmuth & Johnson, mentor a new generation of up-and-coming attorneys, and leave a legacy I can be proud of.”

Suzanne Remington riding horses with her husband, Dave.

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