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Cosme Caballero
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Attorney at Law Magazine Miami Publisher Rhenne Leon sat down with Cosme Caballero to discuss his mentors and what drew him to his current firm. 

AALM: When did you first know you wanted to become an attorney? What drew you to this career?

Caballero: I knew I wanted to become an attorney during undergraduate school. Attorneys play a special role in ensuring that our judicial system is effective and fulfills the promise of justice and equality under the law as envisioned by the Constitution. AALM: Who is your current mentor?

Caballero: My mentors are my law partners, Edward Blumberg and Steven Deutsch, both of whom practice at the highest ethical and professional standards. AALM: Who are some of your legal heroes?

Caballero: My legal heroes are the lawyers who helped draft the Constitution and developed our system of justice as we know it today.

AALM: How is the practice of law different than your expectations in law school?

Caballero: The practice of law differs from any expectations in law school in that the practice of law is much more demanding as well as rewarding than could be expected.

AALM: What drew you to your current firm? How would you describe the culture there? How would you describe your role within the firm?

Caballero: My law firm represents clients who have been catastrophically injured and who are often in need of signi ficant medical care for the remainder of their lives. Our practice strives to provide zealous representation and provide such individuals the full measure of justice allowed by our civil justice system. In doing so, we are able to affect positive change in the lives of our clients and their families while also enforcing community safety standards that protect and keep everyone out of harm’s way.

I have been with my law firm since my second year of law school. I began as a law clerk and have been elevated to named partner and intend to continue the good work of the firm into the future.

AALM: Of the cases you’ve worked on or witnessed, what has stood out most in your mind?

Caballero: In prosecuting plaintiff’s cases, what has struck me is the role of the jury system in enforcing safety standards and norms that ensure businesses and individuals protect the rights of members of the community.

AALM: With technology and an ever-global world, how do you see the legal profession evolving over your career? Do you believe this will be positive or negative?

Caballero: The role of technology serves to make the practice of law more efficient and effective for clients. However, with increasing technology comes the need to make sure technology does not over complicate the nature and stories that drive our cases.

AALM: Working with senior partners what is a trait they have that you would like to carry through to the next generation of lawyers?

Caballero: The senior partners at my law firm utilize creative strategies to obtain excellent results on cases. That is a trait or skill that I seek to emulate and use in my practice.

AALM: What do you most hope to accomplish in the future?

Caballero: My hope is to continue to learn and develop as an attorney in order to better represent clients.

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