David Margol: Starting a New Chapter

David Margol
Cannabis Law Special Issue

In the latest Rising Star, we sat down with Spohrer & Dodd’s newest member, David Margol. In addition to earning his Juris Doctor from Stetson University College of Law, he earned an MBA from the University of San Diego.

AALM: When did you first know you wanted to become an attorney?

DM: Many people know during or before college that they want to pursue a legal career and they go straight to law school after obtaining an undergraduate degree. I went to work in a corporate setting first and it was during that time that I decided I wanted to become an attorney. Having a father who’s an attorney, I feel like I got a unique look at what the practice of law is like and when I got to compare that to what I was doing in my corporate job the choice became obvious.

AALM: Tell us about your mentors. What are some of the best lessons they’ve taught you?

DM: I’m lucky to have had great mentors throughout my legal career. When I first started practicing, I was fortunate to learn from two of the best trial attorneys in the state, and probably the country, my father, Rodney, and Rufus Pennington. I’m lucky to now be in a position to have a new set of great mentors. I consider Bob Spohrer, Steve Browning and the rest of the attorneys at Spohrer & Dodd to all be mentors. In the short time that I’ve been with the firm, I’ve already learned something from each one of them. The best lesson that I’ve learned, which has really been a reoccurring lesson, is to be overly prepared. There is no substitute for diligent preparation.

AALM: What drew you to Spohrer & Dodd? How would you describe the culture there?

DM: The firm culture convinced me that Spohrer & Dodd was the right fit for the next chapter in my legal career. I like how the firm approaches cases with a very deliberate attention to detail. Work-life balance is also an important attribute with respect to the firm. As a husband, and father of two young children, having that balance is essential and I’m lucky to have joined a firm that recognizes that.

AALM: Of the cases you’ve worked on or witnessed, what has stood out most in your mind?

DM: About 10 years ago, I worked on a case that involved the Huffington Post and Arianna Huffington as defendants. The defendants were represented by one of the largest and most well-respected law firms in the world. It was during that litigation that I saw and took to heart the lesson about being better prepared than your opponent. Given the opponent, our team prepared relentlessly. If you do that every time you set yourself up for success.

AALM: With technology and an ever-global world, how do you see the legal profession evolving over your career?

DM: I believe using technology as a tool to assist juries in understanding complex issues will evolve in unique ways and I see that as a positive.

AALM: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

DM: I’m fortunate to have a wonderful wife and two amazing children. When I’m not working, I’m usually with them doing something fun outdoors.

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