Joshua Spector

Joshua Spector

The journey from rock star to legal star would definitely be a unique journey for anybody, but it is one that Joshua Spector made after embracing the opportunities the legal field presented to him. Just a few years out of college found Spector playing in a couple of bands in the Austin, Texas area. “It was a wonderful time and I would not change a thing,” Spector said. “But my then girlfriend, now wife of nearly 12 years was leaving for Miami to begin medical school. The day jobs were not satisfying. Some of my good friends were finishing or had already graduated from law school. Law seemed to suit my strengths and promised a wide and interesting array of possibilities.”

Now, Spector practices business litigation and appellate practice, including trial support. He finds it particularly appealing that there is the opportunity to affect the common law. “Being involved in a published opinion that nudges the law, even a bit, bears the promise of a sliver of immortality,” noted the attorney. “I did not choose business litigation, but I have stayed engaged in it because I enjoy learning our clients’ wildly divergent businesses, issues, and concerns. You get to step into each area and experience it, and then move on and experience something new.”

Spector’s wife has been a pillar of support as he established his legal career. Spector explained, “My wife and I have been together since I was 22 years old. She encouraged me to go to law school, supported me throughout that process, bore our dual load of student loans with me, and has supported me in a variety of illogical but wonderful choices, such as leaving the comfort and safety of big-firm practice, and devoting many nights and weekends to writing a legal manual.”

He continues to find unique challenges and rewards in his legal career. “Solving a seemingly intractable problem for a client and guiding the client to safety or satisfaction is most rewarding,” Spector said of what he loves about his job. He recently had a fantastic career highlight when in September 2013, he and his partner, Paul Turner published a litigation practice manual with ALM/Daily Business Review.

The past several years have also brought a few nice surprises in the form of awards and appointments. He was selected as an inaugural fellow in the Florida Bar’s Wm. Reece Smith, Jr. Leadership Academy. He was also selected to the Florida Supreme Court’s standard jury instructions committee for business and contract cases and the Dade County Bar Association’s judicial campaign practices commission. He is also pleased to have argued before the Florida Supreme Court – an opportunity he didn’t expect to receive so early in his career.

When he’s not busy practicing, Spector is still passionate about music and finds time to pick up the bass guitar. He’s a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers, the Miami Heat and Tottenham (English Football) of the Premier League. Of note, Spector played two years of college football while at Brown University. Following an injured rotator cuff, he played two years of rugby, where he was named All-Ivy League and made the All-Northeast Region Team. But, even better, now he has his own team with built-in cheering section right at home; his wife and three young children.

In his passion for the welfare of children, Spector has been a volunteer attorney for Lawyers for Children on a regular basis since 2005. In addition to foster care youth, he has also represented incarcerated plaintiffs, reggaeton musicians, a foreign head-of-state and numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Spector still has many more challenges that he would like to tackle. “I’m looking to hone my craft by getting more jury trials and more appellate arguments. I may have another book in me. Teaching and serving as an arbitrator are some things I’m considering, too,” Spector finished.

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