Kali Brianne Stauss: Through Difficult Times

Kali Brianne Stauss
2024 Feature Nominations

Attorney at Law Magazine sat down with Kali Brianne Stauss, the founder of Stauss Law, PA, to discuss her life and career.

AALM: Tell us a little about your philosophy when it comes to your practice. Do you have a personal motto?

KBS: When it comes to my practice, I want my clients to feel they are getting the best legal representation possible, and to feel like I am accessible to them as their attorney. As a smaller law firm, we are able to give clients the one-on-one personal service and attention that they deserve. I try to speak with clients directly, time permitting, as much as possible without making them jump through hoops. In many cases I try to get clients scheduled the same week they call. When clients choose Stauss Law, PA, I want them to feel reassured they made the right decision throughout the entirety of their representation.

AALM: How is your practice today different from how you envisioned it in law school?

KBS: When I was in law school I envisioned myself working for a small to medium sized law firm in a big city. After 3.5 years away from home for law school, I realized I wanted to be back in Ocala, Florida where I grew up. Moving back was the best decision I ever made. Not only did I get to come home to my family and friends who I missed dearly, but now I get to assist them with their legal needs! There is nothing more rewarding than helping the people you love at their most difficult times. Opening Stauss Law, PA was such a blessing, and I love growing my business!

AALM: As technology changes the practice of law, how are you adapting? Do you believe these changes are good or detrimental?

KBS: I have been adapting well to the technology changes in the legal profession that covid-19 and 2020 have brought. Technology is essential to my practice so the transition was not too difficult. My firm is completely virtual. I can practice from anywhere — all files are at my fingertips, organization is simple, and clients can even sign documents right from their phone. I believe the changes utilizing technology are for the better of the legal profession because there is more convenience for clients and attorneys. I have enjoyed the transition to greater technology use over the past few months because more people are using technology than ever before!

AALM: Tell us about your life outside the law.

KBS: I am the membership vice president of the Junior League of Ocala, the co-author of a law school self-help book, “Beating the Law School Curve,” and a law school tutor. This upcoming May I will be graduating from Washington University in St. Louis with my LL.M. in taxation. When not taking part in my extracurriculars, I am outdoors or traveling! I love to deep sea fish with my family and go to the beach. University of Florida football and basketball are another favorite! I am so lucky to live in Central Florida—so many fun activities to partake in!

AALM: At the end of the day, what makes you happiest professionally and personally?

KBS: Being able to help my family, friends, and strangers. Most often, clients come to an attorney when something is going wrong in their life and being able to help my clients through the legal process is an absolute pleasure. Knowing that my clients can trust me and depend on me as their legal representative is something that brings me great happiness. I have depended on and trusted so many people throughout my life, I am honored to now have others place their trust in me. Having someone to rely on during tough times is essential, and I am lucky to be that person for many!

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