Michael D. Joblove

Michael D. Joblove
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“Success depends on many things, including luck,” said Michael D. Joblove, founding partner and shareholder at Genovese Joblove & Battista, P.A. “Case preparation and earning a client’s trust are key.”

Michael D. Joblove began his career at a prominent national firm practicing bank and real estate litigation. After 13 years, the firm folded due to mismanagement from its New York headquarters and Joblove searched for a new opportunity. In 1999, he combined his practice with John H. Genovese and Paul J. Battista, who are among the nation’s leading bankruptcy lawyers, to create their present firm. Joblove and his firm’s dedication to earning and maintaining their client’s trust, as well as their unwavering attention to detail, has helped grow the firm exponentially since its inception.

Today, Joblove leads the firm’s commercial litigation practice. Specializing in commercial litigation with a particular focus in franchising and real estate, Joblove enjoys the challenge and the fact that every case has a unique set of issues. “The greatest thing about being a commercial litigation attorney is the exposure to a wide array of interesting issues and people,” noted Joblove. “Sophisticated litigation brings the opportunity to deal with experts in a variety of areas and industries which makes the profession interesting and engaging.”

Not only do his clients appreciate his work on their behalf, but his adversaries have also recognized his prowess in the courtroom. “The best compliment I could receive in a professional sense is the long-lasting relationships I can form with existing clients as well as the times when former adversaries hire me as their counsel,” said Joblove.

Due to his unwavering professionalism both in and out of court, Joblove’s resume is full of accolades. He is AV-Rated by Martindale-Hubbell and is a fellow in the Trial Lawyer Honorary Society of the Litigation Counsel of America. He also has been named as one of the country’s leading franchise attorneys by Chambers & Partners USA and Franchise Times magazine.

As Joblove looks to the future of his practice, he recognizes the significance of his past. Joblove personifies the principles upon which the firm was founded – focusing on the client while remaining diligent in case preparation.

“We are a top flight national practice with a sophisticated client base, which typically relies on national firms,” noted Joblove. “We will continue to distinguish ourselves by providing excellent service in an efficient manner, always focused on the client’s goals. Every client is of value to a firm our size. Over the next years, we expect our practice to continue with the success we have achieved for our clients with these goals in mind.”

Not only is Joblove well-versed in speaking on behalf of his clients in the courtroom, but he is also an oft-requested speaker for the American Bar Association and the International Franchise Association on matters relating to franchise law. He has served as a member of the board of governors of the ABA’s forum on franchising. Joblove currently serves on the International Franchise Association’s board of directors, including on its executive committee.

Between court dockets, trial calendars, board appointments and speaking engagements, Joblove admits that there are many parts of his life that are beyond his control. However, when it comes to family, his dedication never wavers. “Much of my schedule is at the mercy of my profession, but I make a point to spend as much time as possible with my family. When time permits, I attend the Miami Dolphins football games and Miami Heat basketball games, and enjoy running for as long as my middle age legs hold out,” said Joblove.

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