Patricia Alexander: On Marital Law & Client Satisfaction

Patricia Alexander
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Separation and divorce are never ideal situations, but in some cases cannot be avoided. Though most people involved in separations and divorces are faced with difficult and complex issues during the process, most family law practitioners strive in making that process as easy and positive as possible. Patricia Alexander, founder of the family law firm, Law Offices of Patricia Alexander P.A., finds it incredibly rewarding to help children and families find an outcome that provides closure and a sense of relief.

“I am personally invested in all of my clients and their circumstances,” she says. “Treating clients like members of my family is the norm, not the exception. While it’s sometimes challenging to maintain this level of personal attention for each client, I purposely limit the number of cases I handle to give my clients VIP service.”

A self-described entrepreneur at heart, Patricia Alexander always knew that private practice and owning her own firm was the end goal. In developing her own practice, it would allow her the independence, flexibility and personal accountability for all aspects of running her own firm.

“I love being a small business owner,” Alexander says. “It allows me to serve my clients in the way that they deserve to be served and gives me the flexibility to handle every aspect of the practice.”

Through her presidency of the South Palm Beach County Bar Association, Alexander is able to positively impact family law and the community in a more substantial way through leadership and service. As a practitioner of family law in South Florida, she has dedicated her services to the community for two decades. Each day she continues her practice and successfully provides results for her clients is a rewarding experience. Aside from handling all aspects of family law, such as divorce, custody, preand post-nuptial agreements, Alexander is also a guardian ad litem and member of the family law section of the Florida Bar for the past 15 years.

Client-centric is the business model the Law Offices of Alexander P.A. has molded itself around. Alexander explains that in being client-centric, the firm focuses on client satisfaction, asking the first and most important question every time: “Will this make our clients happy?”

Though it is self-described as a plain and simple philosophy, it is one that has driven the success of the firm. This philosophy is not only carried through in the services provided, but also in the selection process for employment within the firm.

Though business-oriented, Alexander strives in having a work-life balance. As a South Floridian, she enjoys the sunny paradise outside of office hours, which include snorkeling, shelling, birding and boating. She’s also passionate about protecting the environment.

“I have recently begun exploring some of Florida’s remaining natural habitats,” she says. “I believe in giving back to the community through community service and philanthropy.”

Taking pride in her Greek heritage, she likes to vacation with her husband and children in the Greek Islands whenever possible. She’s also actively involved in the St. Mark Greek Orthodox Church and the Boca Raton community.


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