Robert Simon On Justice HQ

Robert Simon on Justice HQ
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Attorney at Law Magazine Los Angeles publisher Sarah Torres sat down with Robert Simon to discuss Justice HQ and the catalyst to its establishment as well as his plans for its future.

AALM: What exactly is Justice HQ, and how is it different from other shared workspaces and lawyer suites?

Simon: Justice HQ is an exclusive membership of consumer advocate attorneys. It isn’t a co-working or a shared workspace. Will Members be using the spaces to work with, and in close proximity, to their peers? Sure. But it goes far beyond that. For a monthly membership fee (that is less than your typical office rent in some of these areas), you’ll join a network of prominent attorneys with a wide range of fields of practice and expertise. You also gain access to our list of preferred vendors, who will be offering their invaluable services at a discounted price to Members.

AALM: So there are benefits that go along with the membership, beyond just office space?

Simon: Absolutely. We want these lawyers set up for success. We know how difficult it is to find the perfect staff member or third-party vendor for your business needs. Included in the membership fee is having all of your mail sorted and scanned with OCR technology. We’ll have an interfaced app that Members can access to reserve conference rooms, mock-trial rooms, or our soundproof phone booths. The app will also include a Members-only chatroom, where you can reach out to other Members with any questions you may have about your cases. And, Justice HQ will have Me mbers-only seminars, community events, and networking opportunities.

Our vendors will offer services like filmed depositions, media and branding, private investigators, court reporting — and, I think the most important aspect — case management.

AALM: What compelled you to start something like this?

Simon: I went out on my own three years after passing the bar, hiring the only staff I could afford — my fresh-from-college brother, Brandon. We shared a tiny (and extremely expensive) office space in Los Angeles. We quickly realized there is a steep learning curve associated with figuring out how to effectively run your own business, and luckily, we were able to convince my twin brother and fellow attorney, Brad, to help. He managed the business aspects of the firm so that I could focus on doing what I loved — being a trial attorney.

Was it easy? Absolutely not. But we were hungry, and I see the same hungry associates every day. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have two brothers they inherently trust to run their firm. But fast forward to now. On a daily basis, younger and newer attorneys constantly reach out to me for advice or guidance. We started to realize that this industry didn’t have a way to collaborate in real-time — to strategize with our peers. Justice HQ is your favorite list-serve brought to life.

We created Justice HQ to provide these attorneys with all the support they need to thrive and grow their own brand.

AALM: What kind of individual would benefit from joining Justice HQ?

Simon: I think the beautiful thing about Justice HQ is that it’s not just for one type of individual. It’s for attorneys wanting to go solo, but who are currently afraid of taking the risk. It can be difficult to go out on your own — you’re afraid you may lack credibility, or you think you haven’t built up enough experience. With Justice HQ, you can be solo, but know you’ll never be alone — our network of attorneys are all fighting for the same cause, for the consumer, and we all want you to succeed.

But what if you’ve already started your own practice? Justice HQ is also for you. We offer small-business solutions to those attorneys who have found it difficult to find quality staff and administrative support. Have all the resources of a sophisticated law firm at your fingertips, but still have the freedom of running your own firm.

Even if you’re not focusing on having your own practice, you can join Justice HQ just to have access to a reputable and trusted space to outsource clients and cases.

AALM: Describe the culture at JHQ.

Simon: All our members are vetted to ensure they add to the culture and community that we are building. You have to be driven and motivated to do more. You have to be ethical in the way you practice law and in the way you treat others. You have to be a visionary and realize the potential in introducing the brightest tech minds to the brightest legal minds.

We no longer have to compete for cases — we’re collaborating for the common good. All Members need to embrace and embody that notion. I like to say we have a “chill ego-system.” It doesn’t matter if you’ve been practicing law for one or fifty years, each Member is coming to this space to share ideas, to strategize, to empower others and themselves to think beyond the proverbial box.

AALM: What changes do you see on the horizon for the legal industry, especially pertaining to this arrangement/organization?

Simon: The legal industry needs to change. Traditional law firm settings have run their course, and we’re welcoming in the new age of law with Justice HQ. Gone are the days of having to spend sunup to sundown in an antiquated office, never leaving any free time for your family or for yourself. Imagine every attorney structuring their firm in the way that best suits their lifestyle, with all the support traditionally offered when working for a large firm. You should have the freedom of running your own business your own way.

This new age of law is one that is fueled by efficiency, technology, and collaboration. We’re offering cloud-based technology and an integrated app – keeping you organized, on-track, and constantly updated with your cases and clients in real-time. Need to bring on another Member to help you on a case? Members are ideally all integrated with the same case management soft ware, making it easier than ever to collaborate. And what is more fun than being in a space with 50-100 like-minded friends, who are all fighting the same fight?

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Sarah Torres

Sarah Torres is the publisher of Attorney at Law Magazine Los Angeles. Sarah regularly interviews attorneys and professionals for Attorney at Law Magazine feature stories. She is a dedicated publishing professional

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