California Injury Doctors: The Medical-Legal Bridge

California Injury Doctors

Attorney at Law Magazine Los Angeles publisher Sarah Torres sat down with Mina Kuper (pictured left), one of the co-founders of California Injury Doctors, to discuss her business and the plans for its future. 

AALM: Tell us about the founding of California Injury Doctors.

Kuper: In 2011, my sister, Dora Kessler (pictured right), and I set out to bridge the communication gap between a qualified doctor, the attorneys and the accident victims. Our aim was to create a seamless experience for the patient, as well as the law firm and the medical providers. We understand that with the trauma people have gone through, they need a compassionate and professional approach to alleviate any additional stress and delays.

AALM: What first drew you to this business?

Kuper: We saw the need to help attorneys and their clients find qualified medical professionals specializing in all areas of injury and in convenient locations.

AALM: How would you describe the culture or the brand of the company?

Kuper: Our most important attributes are relationship-building, customer service and patient care. But we also have a fun side! We offer many perks and enjoyable experiences for our attorneys and their staffs. They will not only have satisfied clients; they will also have a great time meeting other members. Also, they say nothing in life is free, but don’t believe it! At California Injury Doctors there is no cost to attorneys. We are all about the relationships — and making them long and successful.

AALM: How has the company evolved since its founding?

Kuper: We have stayed true to our goals, but we have taken a very robust social media approach for general exposure. We have a unique blog for attorneys and doctors to be a source of information to the general public, and we have a dedicated YouTube channel.

AALM: How do you balance your time between aiding clients and running a business?

Kuper: We have extraordinary help from our staff who have the same values, business culture and dedication as we do.

AALM: What do you think are the most pressing concerns for lawyers when it comes to doctors?

Kuper: The ability to provide excellent reports and on a timely fashion. Making sure patients are receiving excellent care. And communication with the law firm and the doctor in regard to progress.

AALM: What changes do you see developing in the industry? How are you preparing your company to stay ahead of the curve?

Kuper: We are already. Making sure millennials get the experience they like and the good old-fashioned folks have our undivided attention.

AALM: What do you enjoy most about working with attorneys?

Kuper: Their unique personalities and their knowledge and dedication to their clients.

AALM: How is California Injury Doctors involved in the community?

Kuper: We are members of CAALA, and we attend many bar association events. We also host our own events, offering a unique experience to our attendees.

AALM: Are there any changes coming in the future that you’re excited about?

Kuper: We will never tell! But we have many surprises coming up!

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