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Brian F. LaBovick Esq. left his position as an attorney in the U.S. Dept. of Justice in 1992 to create a law firm to help normal people navigate difficult legal times – those times when regular people face an extraordinary legal event.

He intuitively created the concept of bringing a “LaBovick Advantage” to each aspect of hiring and using a lawyer. The “LaBovick Advantage” created core values and a mission to maximize justice for his clients. This has become the number one reason so many people now turn to The LaBovick Law Group when choosing a legal champion. Brian LaBovick is the Managing Partner.

“We developed the LaBovick Law Group to be the perfect firm for the regular person who needs a contingency litigation firm. People can’t afford a law firm if they demand money up front. But they deserve the same attention that rich people can buy. Our firm never asks a client to front any of the fees or costs, but we give them the same attention and aggressive representation they deserve,” LaBovick, says.

The firm is big enough to take on any corporation or insurance company, but small enough to make every client recognize their case is important to the firm. This type of service was exemplified recently when Peter Hunt, Esq., a litigation attorney, handled a complex multiple party case in which a truck driver negligently caused a chain reaction wreck. Hunt’s client was the second car hit. His car was thrown forward by the impact and hit the car in front of him. The client eventually had a minimally invasive surgical procedure called a cervical rhizotomy. The insurance coverage was split among three injured claimants.

Labovick Law Group leveraged liability of the parties involved in order for their client to be fully compensated for his injuries. The $285,000 settlement is four times what most clients are offered after similar procedures. The settlement allowed the client to put most of the settlement funds into his bank account as non-taxable compensation for his pain and suffering.

“I see this firm continue to obtain incredible results for our clients,” Hunt says. “I attribute that to our core values and a culture which makes sure each lawyer gets to know, really know, every client. Our clients are not just our business; they are treated like family and that is a huge advantage. It’s the LaBovick Advantage.”

The firm’s practice areas and specialties are personal injury and automobile accidents, maritime and admiralty law – boat accidents and cruise injuries, social security disability, workers’ compensation, and medical collections for doctors and hospitals.

One of their advantages is specialization and experience in admiralty and maritime law which gives the firm a competitive edge in the Florida legal market. It is a specialized area of the law and The LaBovick Law Group is one of the few firms in South Florida actively practicing the law related to injuries on the water.

“Many people, including some attorneys, do not realize that injuries on navigable waters are subject to drastically different laws,” LaBovick says. “As specialists in maritime injury law, we know how to help clients ‘weather rough seas’ due to the willful, careless, or reckless actions of others and ensure they receive the compensation to which they are entitled.”

Six attorneys backed by a staff of 35 serve clients throughout the State of Florida. The firm’s main office is in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

“I had a dream of what a law firm should offer. One of the advantages we wanted to offer was a live action full sized practice courtroom. We built our building in 2009 and finally created that courtroom. It’s a huge advantage for our clients,” LaBovick says.

The firm also created their own intake software to expedite cases. By making the exact type of software for each case type The LaBovick Law Group is able to run cases for clients faster while giving their clients more connectivity and hand holding.

Another advantage is their in-office medical personnel. By having a medical doctor in the office at least four days per week, the LaBovick Law Group attorneys and paralegals get a better understanding of their clients’ injuries and treatment alternatives.

Finally, the firm created a specialized division for legal research and appeals. This type of professional commitment to legal analysis makes beating the firm on legal grounds much harder. It also allows the firm to win more than 80 percent of their social security cases when the national average is 36 percent.

LaBovick Law Group was founded in 1992 as a consumer plaintiff’s firm. “We’re committed to ethically and compassionately representing victims harmed by the willful, reckless or careless conduct of others. We have settled and tried multi-million-dollar cases with a single focus on getting the results our clients deserve. Our motto is “Warriors for Justice” and we live up to that goal and that challenge for injured workers and injured people every day,” LaBovick says.

The firm believes that the best way to serve clients is by hiring the best people – people who care about others, who care about the law and their community, and people who are committed to win, whether that win is across a negotiating table or in court.

“We serve our clients passionately,” LaBovick says. “Our attorneys work closely with each client with the goal of putting them at ease right from the start. We provide a professional and personable environment in which clients can feel comfortable and assured that their legal needs are being understood and addressed by experienced attorneys. Clients are treated with respect and courtesy, and inquiries always receive a prompt response. We pride ourselves on preparation and take an aggressive, no-nonsense approach to all cases – We fight to win.”

Part of that commitment to service is exemplified in the firm’s commitment to giving back to the community. LaBovick Law Group has always been actively involved in numerous community, government and philanthropic endeavors.

“We’ll always contribute to our community above and beyond our legal services, but it is those legal services we provide that are truly our biggest, best and most rewarding ways to serve that community,” LaBovick says. “We handle our cases differently. We always put each client’s best interest first. Our clients trust us and know we fight till the end to get the best outcome possible for their individual case. That is why our best source of cases is the referrals we get from former clients and we are humbled and appreciative of that. We are and will always be warriors for justice.”

Dan Baldwin

Dan Baldwin is a writer for Attorney at Law Magazine. He has been contributing to the magazine since 2012.

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