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With a boutique-style law practice in estate planning, estate administration and elder law, J. Bryan Nugen, president of Nugen Law, offers a firm with more than twenty years of combined experience providing foresight and planning for an affluent client base. Licensed in four states – Florida, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio, and with offices in Miami, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach, Florida, as well as Indiana – Nugen Law is uniquely suited to serve clients with diverse portfolios including real estate holdings and or business interests in any of these states, as well as the interests of their family members.

Recently named to Haute Living Magazine’s Haute Lawyer Network, which recognizes professionals who serve the ultrafluent market, Nugen has proven himself a consummate professional in estate and tax planning. Nugen said, “The approach Nugen Law takes to handling clients is unique – we recognize the innate need for heads of families to ensure the smooth and seamless transition of a family’s legacy from generation to generation, and then we help to implement it. Focusing on personal, concierge-like service where visits to a client’s home or bedside are not uncommon, my clients are catered to in the same manner to which they have become accustomed in their daily lives. Clients tend to be multi-generational and life-long for a reason – the service we provide.”

Nugen stresses a team approach when strategizing for the estate planning needs of his clients. “We rely heavily on a crossreferral network of other attorneys, CPA’s and financial advisors in representing the mutual best-interests of clients,” explained Nugen. “Nugen Law works closely with the referral source to make sure clients are well-represented and that the referral source is respected in their area of expertise in relation to the needs of the client.”

Nugen Law utilizes a flat-fee approach for most of their estate planning and elder law clients. “After an estate plan is discussed and agreed upon, it doesn’t matter if we meet a client one time or ten times, the cost for the service provided will be the same. We want our clients to leave our office knowing why their documents have been drafted as they were and that they achieve the goals of the client within parameters permitted by state and federal laws, regulations and the tax code – not to focus on my hourly rate. Questions result in keeping a healthy attorney-client relationship,” noted Nugen.

“A plan to distribute wealth should be updated throughout the client’s life as the accumulation of wealth grows and the family dynamic changes,” said Nugen. With a mobile society, and servicing clients in four states, Nugen Law clients appreciate the fact that Nugen and his firm offer an annual review of estate plans, proper titling of newly acquired assets and beneficiary designations. The firm even offers an encrypted and password protected service for clients to gain access to their estate plans anywhere in the world.

Due to the significant increase in the aging population in the United States, intricate and personalized estate planning and knowledge of elder law plays an increasingly important role in planning for one’s future. Drawing on years of estate, business, real estate and tax law experience, Nugen Law is able to plan for clients who have extensive portfolios, unique interests and varied family dynamics.

Personal Touch Potential clients recognize a difference upon entrance into the Nugen Law offices due to the immediate personal attention provided. During the initial consultation, Nugen invites the client as well as any of their advisors such as financial planners, accountants and trustees, who want to attend. The entire team sits down for a conference during which all aspects of their lives are discussed.

Estate planning, wealth preservation strategies, and elder law client issues are never handled in a single meeting. Rather, Nugen Law takes a several-meeting approach in representation of its clients. Every detail discussed with clients at each meeting is addressed by Nugen and his staff to ensure that the best course of action is determined to protect the client going forward.

“We recognize each of our clients as individuals, with their own set of circumstances, goals and needs,” noted Nugen. “As such, we take our time to get to know our clients before recommending any course of action because we know there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ in terms of long-term planning. We take pride in the close and trustworthy relationships we build.”

During the course of discussions, terms are drafted that minimize the impact on the lives of those dependent upon a client who may pass. “We make the best effort to minimize state and federal estate taxes whenever possible as well as ensure the maximized speed at which money can be transferred to spouses, children, loved ones and charities,” assured Nugen.

“It isn’t always about the money,” stated Nugen. “While many people consider estate planning, they frequently neglect to define what they want for themselves and those close to them should they no longer be able to express what it is they want for themselves. Creating clear advanced directives (living wills, powers of attorney, health care surrogates, etc.) early, today, allows their wishes to be followed without question.”

When estate planning documents are presented, Nugen walks through the drafts and discusses any detail, line by line if necessary, that the client may not understand. “It is my job to ensure that my clients understand every word on a document before they commit their signature,” he continued.

Dedication To The Cause While Nugen’s work to solidify the future for countless generations through his estate and tax planning work is a noble cause, he believes in the importance of giving back to his community through pro bono work. “I feel fortunate to hold a license to practice law. It is incredibly important that I give back to the community that I serve,” noted Nugen. “I dedicate some of my practice to pro bono clients on a regular basis. From those institutionalized without mental capacity, family or financial means to assist themselves, to start-up businesses that can reach greater levels of success with a solid foundation, everyone deserves the same level of legal advice I can provide.”

Away From The Office Outside of work, Nugen is a dedicated volunteer, having served on several local boards and foundations, including a current position on the board of directors for a local hospital. He was nominated for and received the recognition of a Paul Harris Fellow for Rotary International and was recently recognized as “Citizen of the Year” for his volunteer efforts.

In his free time, Nugen enjoys international travel, having vacationed in more than forty countries.

J. Bryan Nugen is licensed in Florida, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio * Cory Swagger is licensed in Indiana only

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