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Sieben Edmunds Miller
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Sieben Edmunds Miller

There are events that occur in an instant and carry lifelong consequences. At these critical moments, people often turn to an attorney for help. The attorneys at Sieben Edmunds Miller PLLC work exclusively in the areas of criminal defense and personal injury, and they understand that navigating the complexities of the legal system while facing the odds against government agencies or big insurance companies can feel overwhelming. For persons charged with a crime and seeking a vigorous defense, or injured persons seeking a zealous advocate, Kevin Sieben, Samuel Edmunds and Michael Miller are poised to answer the call.

Kevin Sieben’s legacy of justice goes back three generations in Minnesota. His family includes notable members of the bar, military and legislature. Their collective dedication to public service made for lively conversation around the kitchen table, and he says that hearing stories of how the law can help people inspired him to follow the same path. While earning his law degree from William Mitchell College of Law, Sieben also worked as a certified student attorney for the Dakota County Attorney’s Office. There, he cultivated his passion for the criminal justice system and gained important insights about the many faces of justice. He has since committed his career to ensuring that those accused of a crime receive fair treatment by governmental authorities.

“People think being a prosecutor is the easier job,” he says.“To me, it was harder, because I felt like I was the principal punishing the students. As defense attorneys, people come to us in need of help. Whether someone is falsely accused, or they committed the crime, we’re here to make sure they get a fair hearing under the law and they don’t get more than they deserve.”

Sieben’s partners describe him as a creative lawyer who never loses sight of the big picture. Edmunds adds, “I would say that Kevin has been a lawyer since before he even started law school. He has a natural talent in the law that not many people have. Kevin doesn’t take the easy way out. What sets him apart from other lawyers is that he puts in the extra effort that most lawyers wouldn’t think to do. He has a passion for the law and for representing the people that need his help. He stands up for the underdog going against the most powerful parts of the government.”

Samuel Edmunds came to the law via a different path. As a college student, he became heavily involved in student government and activism. During his exposure to politics, he observed that many successful legislators and politicians were also lawyers. He graduated cum laude from William Mitchell College of Law, where he received the CALI Award of Excellence in Criminal Law and went on to prosecute criminal cases for cities in Dakota County and surrounding areas. In 2013, Edmunds joined forces with his law school chum, Sieben, expanding Sieben’s established criminal defense firm. Edmunds is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist accredited by the Minnesota State Bar Association, a distinction held by fewer than three percent of practicing attorneys. He handles criminal cases throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.

“We try to be a law firm that takes the extra step,” Edmunds says. “We put in the extra effort that helps us achieve better results for our clients. In our practice areas, it’s easy for a lawyer to sign up a new case and then settle quickly by taking a plea offer or insurance settlement immediately.

We try to do the opposite. We tell our clients that we’ll do everything in our power, experience and expertise to work for them to achieve a better outcome.”

Sieben says that Edmunds’ humanity and strategic thinking elevate the firm and everyone around him. Miller agrees. “Sam is always three-to five steps ahead,” he says. “That’s how he sees everything. He is a chess player where he is always masterfully looking ahead at his next strategic move.”

Michael Miller is also a graduate of William Mitchell College of Law, and like Sieben, he grew up in a family of lawyers. His mother is a retired judge and now a mediator, and his father is a lawyer, as is his brother. Miller began his career as a judicial extern in the U.S. District Court and clerked for two Hennepin County District Court judges before spending 15 years as a trial lawyer at a prominent personal injury firm in Minneapolis. He joined longtime colleagues Sieben and Edmunds in 2018, broadening the scope of the firm’s already active personal injury practice.

“I’ve always worked in personal injury — it’s all I’ve done,” Miller says. “I love representing people who need help. I’ve always been a caretaker, and personal injury law requires caretaking and counseling, as well as legal know-how and trial skills. I make sure clients have a voice when they need it.”

According to Sieben, Miller’s passion for the law and compassion for people make him an ideal fit at the firm. Edmunds comments, “Mike zealously pursues his clients’ interests and is aggressive when going up against the insurance companies. Mike is a lawyer that actually cares about his clients, and he does everything in his power to obtain the best possible outcome for them.”

All three attorneys emphasize that theirs is a thoughtfully growing practice, focused on key practice areas and designed to sustain personal relationships with clients. “Having a good reputation is important to us, not just with our clients, but with judges, opposing counsel and adjusters,” Miller says. “They have to know that the people at this firm are honest, ethical and aggressive for us to get results, and these qualities are vital in anyone we may hire. Our growth as a firm has to be done the right way.”

He continues, “In our practices, there are so many different moving parts as opposed to a one-on-one business transaction. We have to be able to relate to, understand and listen to clients in order to effectively communicate with other parties involved.”

“As criminal defense and personal injury attorneys, we meet our clients during stressful and troubling times,” says Edmunds. “We try hard to be understanding. We also don’t pass judgement on what somebody did. Our motto is, ‘We don’t judge you. We defend you.’ People make mistakes, and our clients sometimes have made mistakes that get them in trouble with the law. We believe that no matter what someone has done, they deserve the strong legal defense that is the promise of our Constitution. Sometimes, we are the only person in their corner, their only friend. I also do lot of pro bono work specifically in the area of criminal expungement, where people may have made a mistake years ago and have to live with a criminal conviction on their record.”

Collectively, these award-winning attorneys have earned numerous accolades that salute their dedication to justice, and they enjoy a 10.0 Superb Avvo Rating. Each takes an active role in all levels of professional leadership and gives generous service to the community. Miller is a Life Fellow of the American Bar Foundation and was recently elected State Delegate to the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates. Edmunds was named a 2018 Attorney of the Year by “Minnesota Lawyer” for his pro bono representation of a client in a criminal expungement case. Sieben recently served as President of the First District Bar Association and was appointed chair of the state bar association’s working group for security access to courthouses for attorneys.

Sieben, Edmunds and Miller want referring attorneys to know that they will treat their loved ones, family members, friends and clients as their own. “We’re honored to have other lawyers refer cases,” Miller says, “and we take our reputation very seriously. We want our colleagues to have confidence when they send people to us.”

The attorneys agree that who they are outside of the profession is important to who they are as lawyers. “It’s good to be able to take a break and focus on some outside activity,” Miller says. Being out in the community is a good thing. But that lawyer ‘hat’ never truly comes off, because no matter what you’re doing, you’re still representing the profession.” Sieben is a father and an avid golfer. He says the sport helps him cultivate the qualities of patience, humility, strategic thinking and fairness. Edmunds just welcomed his fifth child, and he is a musician. He looks forward to someday having time to resume scuba diving in exotic locations around the world. Miller is a lifelong equestrian who grew up showing horses nationally. He says riding can be similar to the law in terms of preparation. “You’re always looking to improve. You must put in the time to learn, and that never stops.”

Representing clients in criminal matters from traffic tickets to serious felonies, and in personal injury matters from auto collisions to wrongful death, the attorneys at Sieben Edmunds Miller are skilled trial advocates who care deeply about the cause of justice. “I think that what makes us stand out is the passion we have for helping people get justice,” Sieben says. “We think of ourselves as friendly bulldogs. We can be the nicest guys, and we’d rather approach things with honey rather than with vinegar. We’re always cordial to opposing counsel, but we can’t always reach an agreement. When we have to get in there and litigate, we’ll fight to defend our client or pursue our client’s claims. We know the process and the system, and we have the trial experience to get the right results.”

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