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Allen Tittle
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Allen Tittle, founder of Tittle Law LLC, sat down with Attorney at Law Magazine Cleveland to discuss his boutique personal injury practice. The firm was founded in 2015 and in its first year, the firm has found its footing in cases involving car accidents and medical malpractice.

AALM: Tell us about the founding of your firm. What compelled you to start your own practice?

Tittle: From the minute that I decided I wanted to be an attorney, my dream was to open up my own law firm. Th ere is something special about calling the shots, and having unfettered discretion about what type of practice you have. If you fail, you have no one to blame but yourself. Aft er graduating from Cleveland-Marshall, I was fortunate enough to find employment with a law firm that allowed me to gain real experience immediately. As I gained experience, I was driven toward the challenge of “hanging a shingle” and I haven’t looked back since.

AALM: What first drew you to the legal field? And to personal injury in particular?

Tittle: In eighth grade social studies class, we carried out mock trials of the two hallmark civil rights cases Plessy v. Ferguson and Brown v. Board of Education. I was selected to play the role of the attorney in both. Initially, in Plessy, I played the role of the defense lawyer and was able to convince the jury, my fellow classmates, that the “separate but equal” doctrine did not violate the Constitution. Obviously, it wasn’t the outcome my teacher was hoping for them to reach. Next, in Brown, my teacher switched me to the role of the plaintiff ’s attorney. Again, I was victorious, swaying the class to reverse course and strike down the “separate but equal doctrine.” From that moment, I realized I wanted to be an attorney and be on the side advocating for the little guy. Personal injury litigation was the natural practice area to meet my goals, as I am able to truly make a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis.

AALM: In the past year, how has the firm you envisioned changed and evolved?

Tittle: Tittle Law just had its one-year anniversary. As one can imagine, the firm is progressing everyday. Whether it be a new employee, a different strategy with marketing, or just a new office policy, it seems that something is always changing at the firm. What is most surprising is how fast we are growing. In the first year alone, I added my partner, Scott Perlmuter, hired support staff , and developed a bustling practice in three separate office locations.

AALM: Tell us about your team. How do you work together?

Tittle: We try to have a complete team approach, leaving all egos at the door. Each case receives and deserves an all hands on deck approach. With this in mind, every Monday, we have weekly firm meetings to go over our complete client list. Scott and I are firmly of the mindset that “two heads are better than one,” so we handle each case collaboratively. We feel that this approach allows for each case, each client, to have an individualized litigation plan that offers the best possible representation.

AALM: How would you describe the culture of your firm? What is the brand you have attempted to create?

Tittle: At Tittle Law, while the atmosphere is relatively laid back, we take pride in paying attention to detail. Th is is why our staff is incentivized to accomplish their weekly and monthly goals. Additionally, we strive to give each client personalized service. In fact, each client receives either Scott’s or my personal cell phone number at the initial client meeting. We want to make sure that if a client needs to reach us, he or she will have no problem doing so.

AALM: How do you balance running a business with practicing law?

Tittle: One thing I underestimated when starting Tittle Law was the amount of time it takes to run the business side of a law firm. In order to overcome this, a team approach must be used. A few hours a week are set aside and dedicated to the business of law, including bookkeeping and business planning.

AALM: How is your firm involved in the legal community and the Ohio community?

Tittle: In addition to fighting for justice for their clients, Tittle Law has made a conscientious effort to invest in its community. A key part of that investment is ensuring that high schoolers have the skills to be the leaders of tomorrow. To that end, I am on the board of directors of Teen Leadership Corps (TLC). TLC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering teens through service education.

AALM: Are there any changes within your firm coming in the near future that you’re excited about?

Tittle: We are currently building out a new office space in the United Bank Building in Ohio City across from the Westside Market. We are truly excited to make a commitment to Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood and are anxious to get into our new space. Once finished, we hope you stop by and check it out.

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