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We sat down with AMB Group founder Angely C. Maria to discuss her company, its origins and evolution as well as her plans for the future.

AALM:What led you to found AMB Group? What experiences led to this step in your career?


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ACM: After years of managing the billing and staff for a chiropractic clinic, I met many chiropractic doctors that were struggling with their own insurance collections and office procedures. I saw the opportunity to help them with what I had learned from my experience, so in 2007 I started the Angely Maria Business Group to offer insurance billing and staff training services to personal injury clinics in Florida.

AALM: How have the services of AMB Group evolved since you first launched? Any plans to expand those services more?

ACM: The evolution of AMB Group has been incredible. It started with simply helping chiropractors with their insurance and staff training needs, but as we started to host seminars and introducing the personal injury topics, we realized that there was great appetite for information and resources to help not only doctors, but attorneys to grow their PI practice.


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This led to us hosting our first Personal Injury Summit in Miami, FL in 2019, set up as a one-day conference designed for medical and legal professionals to learn and network in a professional environment.

Then in 2020, we were forced to rethink ways to reach the PI industry while unable to hold in-person events, and that’s when the idea of the Personal Injury Magazine was born. We now publish a new issue every quarter, full of expert articles with valuable information for PI professionals, both medical and legal. We decided to make the magazine available to everyone online at no cost to continue to contribute to the PI industry.

In 2023, we were able to resume in-person events with our Second Personal Injury Summit in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and given the amazing turnout, we will be hosting our PI Summit in Orlando on March 23, 2024, and again in Ft. Lauderdale on June 1, 2024. Our vision is to continue our road of expansion into various areas in Florida, and eventually, all over the United States.

AALM: Tell us how your company has evolved after COVID. Do you still offer remote seminars and webinars or have you returned to fully in-person events. Any other changes that you kept in place?


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ACM: This pandemic was a turning point for my business. Even though we were unable to host in-person events for some time, there was increased demand for webinars and private staff training sessions via videoconference. It also allowed us to reach many more offices around all of Florida who requested these services. We made the decision to return to in-person events in 2023 but have also maintained the ability to sign up for webinars and private training sessions by videoconferences.

AALM: Tell us what first interested you in the personal injury industry.

ACM: I enjoy being part of this industry because it provides help and support to all those consumers who find themselves confused, in pain and deeply affected by the consequences of their injuries after an accident. The first thing that consumers do is seek medical and legal advice hoping to find comfort and resolution after an accident. I enjoy having a business that promotes professionalism and contributes valuable resources for legal and medical professionals to better serve injury victims during one of the most vulnerable moments of their lives.

AALM: What are some trends you’re seeing in the personal injury industry?

ACM: Collaboration. Every day I see more and more businesses finding a way to work together with the shared goal of better serving their communities, and that is very inspiring to witness. It is one of the main reasons why I love hosting events for this industry and seeing professionals who would have normally considered themselves competitors become partners and joining their individual strengths to better serve their customers.

AALM: What goals are you still hoping to accomplish in your professional career? What’s the next big milestone for you?

ACM: I cannot wait to start getting into other markets all over the United States. Unfortunately, accidents happen every day in every state, and I believe that the information and resources we offer can provide great value to medical and legal professionals from all over the country.

AALM: Outside of your career, what are some of your hobbies or interests that you enjoy pursuing in your free time?

ACM: I find fulfillment in spending time with my family, in nature or the arts. I make it a point to have time every week to walk through a nature trail or spend a day at the beach. I also enjoy painting, usually in acrylic or watercolor, although I would love to soon have a dedicated (ventilated) space to also get back into oil painting. I love attending cultural events, which is one of the reasons I love living in Coral Gables, where every week you can walk and find yourself in a outdoor classical music concert, book reading or art gallery night. When I’m at home, I enjoy reading or simply spending time with my two very curious and active boys. With them, I try to plan as many activities as possible to enjoy as a family, which could include board games, sports, road trips, fun video games or a good movie night at home.

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