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Laurie Dubow
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Laurie Dubow, the real estate concierge, has a passion for helping people that has translated into a very successful real estate career. Trained to facilitate understanding and achieving goals, she practiced psychotherapy for 20 years. People often ask how she could have gone from a helping profession to real estate, and she loves answering that question. Th e work she does now is the culmination of 35 years of experience, and she impacts the people she works with in a profound way. “Th ere are few things in life that are more personal than the place in which we live,” Dubow says. “Even Dorothy understood that there is no place like home, and we all understand the cliche, home is where the heart is. So when our home is in jeopardy or we are in the process of making decisions about where to live, it can feel as if our world is literally being turned upside down.” Dubow works patiently to aid her clients and other professionals in understanding the importance of balancing the emotional, psychological, and financial aspects of real estate transactions in order to make informed decisions.

Her line of work oft en crosses over to the legal realm, where Dubow refers clients to attorneys for legal advice. In doing so, she has forged partnerships with many local attorneys. “As a Realtor, I am prohibited from giving legal advice, and I understand the importance of bringing in attorneys as part of my team from the beginning of a real estate transaction, she says,” “Real estate transactions are multifaceted matters, and the consequences from mistakes or omissions can be major.” Dubow articulates that she feels honored whenever she is entrusted with representing a client in a real estate transaction, and she takes the responsibility very seriously.

“As a long time sponsor of Florida Association of Women Lawyers and the South Palm Beach County Bar, as well as a board member of Women in Financial Services, I have built friendships that have inspired me and enhanced my respect for the law and the men and women who dedicate themselves to protecting our rights,” Dubow says.

On a more personal level, Dubow notes that her father was an attorney, and she was able to witness his work ethic and integrity as well as the moral dilemmas that he encountered throughout his career. Being able to continue forward with dignity and making a positive impact is something Dubow values highly.

“I would hear about his trials and tribulations at the dinner table, Dubow says. “At the end of the day, he taught me that you need to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and know you’ve done the right thing.”

Paradise Realty International was founded by Dubow as a place where she could mentor Realtors to feel inspired, feel good about what they do, and focus on clients over short-term profit.

Dubow merged with the Signature Companies in 2014. She calls this “a marriage that has created the best of both worlds – an intimate brokerage coupled with infrastructure of a substantial company with extensive resources.” Th e diversity of her team’s background and expertise has allowed them to thrive as a true real estate concierge.

“Our mission is to provide ultimate service to our clients, while reducing their stress and making the process as easy as possible,” Dubow explains. “With 50-plus years of experience, and multimillions of dollars in transactions, our exceptional team has the knowledge, expertise and commitment to excellence to insure extraordinary results.”

Laurie Dubow has developed a reputation within the real estate and legal communities, as marked by her many testimonials from attorneys and professionals. She is known for her sensitivity to clients’ needs, attention to details, knowledge of the market and real estate industry, and doing whatever it takes to make deals happen and close smoothly. Known as a consummate professional, Dubow is the right person to trust to help clients find their way home!


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