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Legal Soft
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Hailed as a software prodigy, wizard, and serial entrepreneur, Hamid Kohan epitomizes visionary leadership as the founder and CEO of Legal Soft. Under his guidance, the company has earned a stellar reputation for crafting innovative and invaluable partnerships that attorneys across the nation depend on for unprecedented success. Legal Soft stands as a beacon of growth and efficiency, empowering legal practices to reach new heights through Kohan’s groundbreaking vision and expertise. Some have even gone so far as to dub him the David Copperfield of legal business solutions because just like magic his company can effectuate a complete 180, transforming a struggling firm into an explosive success.

“It’s not magic,” Kohan says with soft chuckle. “It’s just solid strategies and the implementation of powerful technology. Lawyers went to law school, not business school.”

While it may not be magic, the results achieved by every attorney and law office that partners with Kohan have been nothing short of miraculous. His innovative approach has led to astonishing turnarounds, leaving even the most astute business minds in awe. The transformative impact of Legal Soft under Kohan’s leadership is a testament to the power of visionary strategies and cutting-edge technology in revolutionizing the legal industry.

The phrase “One-Stop-Shop” is often overused and clichéd in business marketing. However, Kohan’s company transcends this cliché by meticulously studying the unique needs of running a successful practice or firm and addressing every possible situation and requirement. This approach results in a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of legal practice, where efficiency and innovation are crucial, Legal Soft emerges as a transformative ally for law firms aiming for exponential growth. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Legal Soft offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate legal practices to new levels of success. From deploying skilled virtual legal assistants to crafting effective social media strategies, Legal Soft’s expertise acts as a catalyst for unparalleled growth.

Their carefully curated methods and tools ensure that any law firm, regardless of size, can achieve significant advancements, making Legal Soft the ideal partner for thriving in the modern legal arena. “We provide a complete law firm solution to any issue that may arise in the management or expansion of your firm,” says Kohan. “We take pride in aiding firms of all sizes, for no firm is too small or too large to benefit from our services.”

If there are any lingering doubts about the validity of these claims, one need only look at the unprecedented growth Kohan’s own company has enjoyed. Established in 2015, Legal Soft recently celebrated a significant milestone: receiving more than 10,000 job applications in a single month for positions to be filled by their virtual legal assistants. This impressive figure pertains to the U.S. alone and represents just one segment of the myriad services offered by the company.

“It’s quite spectacular that we currently have offices in seven countries,” says Kohan. “What’s important to note, however, is that we employ full-time professionals who provide virtual services encompassing everything from legal assistants and case managers to marketing specialists and virtual attorneys, as well as accounting and collection specialists. We can provide expertly trained professionals to fill virtually any staff position you require at a fraction of the cost of hiring individual employees. These employees not only command competitive salaries but also require health insurance and incur lost time due to sick days and other personal emergencies.”

Suppose, for example, your practice needs a new case manager. In simple numbers, opting for a Legal Soft virtual case worker would cost approximately one-fourth of the expense of hiring such a professional.

“Aside from the expense, research shows that it takes as long as six months to find, recruit, and hire the right person for the job,” notes Kohan. “We can place an ideal candidate by the following Monday. We are responsible for their 1099s, health insurance, and remain liable for everything they do.”

While trust in the internet and various types of business transactions via this medium has increased dramatically, particularly over the course of the recent COVID pandemic, there are skeptics who still raise concerns about the quality of the virtual staff. Naturally, Kohan anticipated this apprehension and addressed the issue of the way Fort Knox deals with security.

“We have a rigorous training program that prepares our legal professionals in all facets of the law, whether that applies to the U.S. or whichever country we are placing,” Kohan says. “But our quality control does not end there. Once placed, every virtual legal assistant is closely monitored via a series of screenshots every 10 minutes, URL tracking, and both daily and weekly reports. It’s doubtful that you’ve ever had such a closely supervised employee.”

Offering a variety of options and custom packages that fit every practice or firm perfectly, it represents only some of the tools in this magician’s kit. Kohan has helped broaden the scope, often doubling business for even a solo practitioner in under a year by showing them how to expand their legal services beyond their own state.

“I was surprised to discover how many attorneys are unaware of the UBE (Uniform Bar Examination) which allows you to practice in virtually any state you choose,” he says. “When you focus your business on just one specific area such as the law, it allows you to dig deep, exercise your creative juices, and employ some very unique and productive avenues.”

Susan Cushing

Susan Cushing is the associate editor of Attorney at Law Magazine as well as a staff writer. She has been contributing to the magazine for more than eight years.

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