Sameer Somal On The Digital Revolution Of The Internet

Sameer Somal
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Internet defamation expert Sameer Somal is the CFO and co-founder of Blue Ocean Global Technology and Blue Ocean Global Wealth. He is a frequent speaker and an internet defamation expert witness. In collaboration with the Philadelphia Bar Foundation, he authors and delivers CLE programs on reputation management, SEO, and ethics across legal communities nationally. Somal helps clients build, monitor and repair their digital presence.

AALM: Tell us about the founding of Blue Ocean Global Technology.


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Somal: In 2011, when CEO Marguerita Cheng and I planned for the launch of Blue Ocean Global Wealth, we realized how difficult it was to find a trustworthy technology partner. Through her experience on boards and helping friends in business, Rita joked that it takes longer to find reliable digital marketing and tech partners than it did to bring one of her three children onto this earth. This conversation was a defining moment, and it catalyzed our global search for technology resources. As entrepreneurs, we realized the compelling opportunity to share these resources – Blue Ocean Global Technology was born.

AALM: How is Blue Ocean Global Technology different than other similar firms?

Somal: The foundation of our company is education. With the abundance mentality, our team is relentless in our pursuit of going to bed a little bit smarter every day. This is the miracle of compound interest applied to knowledge. By authoring CLE programs and staying ahead of trends as global educators, speakers, and expert witnesses, we offer perspective and help our clients make the most informed decisions.


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AALM: How has the company evolved since its founding? Somal: We built an exclusive network of PR and digital marketing agency partners. After working with lawyers on reputation issues that affect their firms and clients, we recognized the opportunity to educate attorneys and collaborate across legal communities. We build positive reputations around select keywords and mitigating negative reputations on Google. We also serve as internet defamation subject matter expert witnesses. We deliver CLE programs and speak at conferences and private briefings on building and repairing digital reputations.

AALM: What do you think are the most pressing concerns for lawyers when it comes to integrating technology?

Somal: An attorney’s reputation and credibility matter more today than ever before. With an expanding new group of online communication platforms, effectively managing a reputation requires more effort, coordination, and resources. More than ever before, a law firm’s success now depends upon with what is said (and not said) on the internet.

AALM: What is the biggest challenge you face in your industry?


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Somal: For many companies, online reputation management, SEO, and negative link suppression seem synonymous. With a plethora of online communication options, social media adds a new dimension of reputational opportunities and challenges for attorneys. When delivering CLE programs, we share perspective on digital reputation repair issues from defamation bloggers and negative reviews to past employee slander and consumer feedback websites to help educate our clients on the different ways technology touches their business.

AALM: Tell me about your experience with The TASA Group.

Somal: We partner to educate lawyers on social media, internet defamation, and digital reputation. Our experience with TASA leaders is exceptional. We value the opportunity to support their excellence in the expert witness arena.

AALM: Tell us about your hobbies outside the office.

Somal: I am a passionate fan of the 2018 Super Bowl Champion – the Philadelphia Eagles. I mentor today’s students to help them become tomorrow’s leaders. I volunteer as a board member of several organizations. In 2017, I developed and implemented a financial literacy education curriculum for foster care children at the RJLF Foundation. My favorite pastime is reading and one of my mantras is from Mark Twain: “The man (or woman) who doesn’t read good books has no advantage over the man (or woman) who can’t read.”

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