Arizona Estate Law Firm Unveils New Brand

Talk of the Town Firm Rebrand

CHANDLER, Arizona—Attorney Bernard M. Strass is excited to announce fresh branding and a new website for his AZ estate law firm, Desert Rose Estate and Elder Law. The law firm’s new name reflects a full concentration on estate and life planning that enables Strass to provide focused and dedicated legal services for these matters. It also honors Strass’s father, Luke, who owned Desert Draperies and Interiors in Phoenix for many years and Strass’s mother’s family, the Roses.

In addition to his career as an attorney, Strass has worked as a public school and university teacher. His experience in education is reflected in his approach to Arizona estate law, seeking first to fully inform clients of the available options and strategies to protect their assets and interests, then crafting an estate plan that serves them in life and after death.

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